Point Blank Presents Halloween Special Update and Bowl x Zepetto Collaboration Series

Approaching the end of October, surely many of you have been waiting for it updates Halloween special from Point Blank. After maintenance weekly today Point Blank presents map updates specials, that is Halloween Infection Airport.

Folder This special is set in an infected airport and you have to survive the siege of hordes zombies.

In addition, accompany the presence folder new, Point Blank also presents events to make your fight more exciting.

First, there is events Play Time. Those of you who play for 3.5 hours or 7 hours will get a prize in the form of Pumpkin Bomb with a duration of 1 day to the character Sekhmet Viper Red with a duration of 3 days.

Next there events Zombie Slayer where you have to record and upload videos of your actions in eradicating zombies at Infection Airport according to your creativity on link that has been provided.

You also have to choose a category type weapons used are: SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun.

Share the best video from each category will get weapons Witch series with duration 60 days. Check directly on the Point Blank site for further details and how to follow.

Lastly, there is the series weapons latest themed Halloween namely series Bone Collector. This series has a gruesome design with decorations from your enemy’s bone collection and there are special series collaborations from BOWL x Zepetto.

This Bowl Series comes in Permanent Random Box where you can get a chance Kriss SV Permanent Bowl series.

Events this is a golden opportunity for those of you who want to get items permanent. Login right now to check updates special Halloween from PointBlank.