There is a big challenge behind the changes to the PMPL 2023 point system.

The announcement of the renewal of the PMPL 2023 point system during the PMGC 2022 Grand Final a few days ago at JIEXPO Kemayoran, still leaves a hot discussion among casters or all pro players in Indonesia.

Director of PUBG Mobile Esports, James Yang has announced the PMPL 2023 point system which is considered much more difficult than previous years. So far, Indonesia has been using the point system for almost 3 years, the last of which was implemented at PMPL 2022.

The differences in each professional league in each region are the answer. How the Chinese team is always in control of world-class tournaments makes PUBG Mobile encourage other regions to develop and match their quality.

Of course, this is an alarm or a warning signal for Indonesian teams who really have a great desire to stand out in domestic and international competitions. Changes to the PMPL 2023 point system have indeed caused controversy, but there are still positive sides that can be taken by the teams that will compete later.

Some of the casters who seem to speak up regarding the PMPL 2023 point system are Riantoro”Brother Pasta“Yogis and Florian”WolfieGeorge, who often makes podcasts about various things that are trending related to the PUBG Mobile competitive scene.

Regarding the changing point system, according to Wolfy, this will be much more difficult for the PMPL ID Spring 2023 teams in the future. Difficult in the sense that all players feel challenged to show their skills and abilities.

Credit; Wolfie

“In my opinion, the point system really tests and challenges pro players’ skills. Because they can’t just do defense, zone hockey, don’t do anything, only 4 elimination points and then they get 19 points, right?” Wolfy said.

The two of them also discussed in more detail the impact of changes to the PMPL 2023 points system which, according to Wolfy, would have a huge impact on the competitive scene.

The impact of changes to the PMPL 2023 point system according to Bro Pasta and Wolfy

Credits: Pasta Bro

Wolfy then added, with the change in the point system that would challenge the skills of pro players more, the impact of getting a zone would also change. That suits James Yang in that he encourages the players to be more aggressive.

“The impact (when the team) gets the zone will not be as big as in the past, the impact of defensive play (the teams) will not be as big as it used to be,” he continued.

As a result, because of such a large impact, Wolfy believes the teams have no choice but to fight or fight with other teams instead of choosing to avoid and choosing to secure a placement by entering the zone.

“My team (maybe) can’t enter the zone, my players can’t safely enter the zone, because the zone is far away and the enemies are piling up on the edge of the circle. It’s better for us to fight with the opposing team, “

Credit: Wolfie

“Failed in 7th or 6th position but brought 8 elimination points, brought 9 elimination points, it had a huge impact,” said Wolfy.

Thus, Wolfy suggested that the teams must immediately formulate a new strategy in order to make this point system change an advantage.

“So (changes to the PMPL 2023 point system) provide new colors and new strategies, essentially new options in a game,” he concluded.

Well, quite an interesting view from our famous casters. Hopefully, PMPL ID Spring 2023 will come with surprises and excitement, as discussed by the casters in the previous point.

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