PBIQ Day 3 Grand Finals

Hi, troopers! We meet again in the last match of the PBIQ Grand Final Day 3. After we witnessed the great struggle from PBJL (Point Blank Junior League) team on the first day and PBLL (Point Blank Ladies League) team on the second daywe have come to the end of this heroic struggle through the PBIQ Grand Final Day 3, 29 November 2020.

There are many pleasant surprises that we can see matches this time. Whether it’s through the unexpected actions of each team, continued prize distribution/door prize interesting to everyone fans/ the audience, and what’s no less exciting, if usually we can only watch the match on channels Youtube Zepettofor the last day we can also watch it on MNC Sports at 3 pm.

Then, how will the heroic struggle of the PBJL and PBLL teams end in the Grand Final of PBIQ Day 3? Come on, see below!

Profile of the PBJL Team Entering the PBIQ Grand Final Day 3

Come on, let’s get acquainted with the PBJL team members who made it into the PBIQ 2020 Grand Final. Who’s there?

From the Rise Up bkj by alz team: 17 year old Alvian Deva Pratama (Vedla) from Jakarta, 17 year old M. Iqbal Shiddiq (Slayer) from Jakarta, 17 year old Vito Marleve (Marleve) from Jakarta, Abrar Amrico Putra (Jumpara) from Jakarta who is 15 years old, and Zayhan Irkhas (Amorfati) from Jakarta who is 16 years old.

From the SBE BY J-TF2W ESPORTS team: Revan Saputra (TF2W’ REVTRATZ) from Semarang who is 13 years old, Gumelar Rahayu (TF2W’ ARMZY) from Cianjur who is 15 years old, Constantius Marcelino (TF2W’ 10ZSL4YOUX) from Bogor who is 16 years old , Muhammad Ibnu Halim (J’Littleboy++Haha) from Depok who is 16 years old, and Arel Euro Saputra (J’ABBYBOY+_+ XIXI) from Bekasi who is 15 years old.

Profile of the PBLL Team that Entered the PBIQ Grand Final Day 3

From the Noki Ladies GnR i4N team: Lianti Pangestu (Vizzel) from Bekasi, 23 years old, Siti Rahma (Hitroop) from Cilegon, 24 years old, Athaya Haura Zahra (Ayaraa) from Tangerang, 19 years old, Nadia Agustriana (Alyx) from Dumai, 23 years old years old, and Gabriella Kasharaa (Jenova) from Bandung, 26 years old.

From the Guardian Evil 119 team: Windy Fita Deani (Beby) from Indramayu, 25 years old, Rachel Patricia (RC) from Pontianak, 16 years old, Pingkan Dewi Andriani (Pings) from Bogor, 22 years old, Yolanda Vebrianti (Fuss) from Medan, 19 years old years old, and Dinda Octavia (Argace) from Bandung, 20 years old.

1st winner from the PBJL Team in the PBIQ Grand Final Day 3

There are 2 folder which each team must win to be entitled to the 1st place position. On folder First, Rise Up BKJ by Alz, known as the defending champion twice in a row, played so well and managed to win a temporary score of 5:3. Seeing this, SBE BY J-TF2W ESPORTS rearranged its strategy and succeeded in winning folder first with a score of 5:0.

The match was continued with tough resistance from Rise Up bkj by alz. However, nice try What has been done has not been able to subvert the defense from SBE BY J-TF2W ESPORTS, which managed to collect 7:1 points. 2 wins on both folder this makes SBE BY J-TF2W ESPORTS entitled to first place from the PBJL team in the PBIQ Grand Final Day 3. Congratulation!

1st Place from the PBLL Team in the PBIQ Grand Final Day 3

In the first match, Noki Ladies GnR i4N competed with Guardian Evil 119 in collecting points. With a fairly narrow point difference, Argace managed to secure points for Guardian Evil 119.

In contrast to the first match, in the second match, Guardian Evil 119 was left far behind. And in the last two minutes, these two teams showed the same score at number 4. One decisive point was successfully added by Noki Ladies GnR i4N which made it the winner in this match.

But it’s not over yet. Guardian Evil 119 gave such a pleasant surprise. This team once again beat Noki Ladies GnR i4N with a score of 5:2 and made it as first place from the PBLL team in the 2020 PBIQ Grand Final.

Those were the winners from the PBJL and PBLL teams in the 2020 PBIQ (Point Blank Indonesia Qualifier). is SBE BY J-TF2W ESPORTS and Guardian Evil 119 is your favorite team, troopers?