There is a simple reason behind ONIC CW’s love of playing Moskov on M4, even though it’s not META.

ONIC CW is bringing something out of the ordinary in the playoffs M4 World Championships with several times making Moskov a mainstay in goldlaner. This is quite surprising, considering that this hero is not popular in this fourth MLBB world championship.

Throughout M4, CW has played Moskov three times until ONIC Esports managed to defeat The Valley in the lower bracket quarter-finals at the Tennis Indoor Stadium, Senayan, on Friday (13/1/2023).

In that match, ONIC Esports managed to win with a score of 3-1. CW played the 31st hero released to MLBB twice, although he didn’t always win.

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Apart from the match against The Valley, CW also played the Spear of Quiescence in the upper bracket semifinal match against ECHO in the second game and succeeded in producing the only victory for ONIC Esports in that match.

If you look at the selection of team heroes in M4, this hero is considered unpopular to be a mainstay in goldlaners. Apart from CW, the only player who uses it is Panda from Team HAQ against ECHO in the first round of the upper bracket playoffs.

Marksman’s mandatory META items make ONIC CW happy to play Moskov

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Credit: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Seeing this unusual thing, ONE Esports tries to find out why CW chose Moskov as one of its flagship Marksman in M4, directly to the player. The simple reason was revealed by the player from Medan.

“Actually, in my opinion, currently the META (in goldlane) uses Karrie and Claude, and both of them are constantly using three mandatory items, namely DHS (Demon Hunter Sword), Corrosion Scythe, and Golden Staff, right. In my opinion, Moskov is also suitable for using these items,” CW told ONE Esports.

“The most viewed heroes in this M4 tournament are definitely Karrie and Claude. Maybe after that Moskov should because it has a fast DPS (damage per second), too,” he said.

Based on existing statistical data, the most frequently seen Marksman heroes throughout M4 are Karrie, Beatrix, Claude who are in the top 10 most used heroes list. While Moskov is ranked 47th with four appearances, under Brody, Wanwan, Irithel, Clint and Lesley.

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