The love hate relationship between Fiel and ONIC Adi is very interesting!

ONIC Adi’s presence in the inaugural royal derby match between RRQ and ONIC Esports on Friday (24/2) brought disaster for ‘The King’.

Both are scheduled for week 2 at the same time after both RRQ and ONIC achieved good results in week 1 previously. However, this prestige match is very important for both of them to maintain their seats at the top of the standings.

In week 1, ONIC Adi was unable to join the stage to concoct ONIC’s strategy due to a problem with the late update of the roster. Now, with the validation carried out by Moonton, ONIC Adi has officially and legally become part of the Hedgehog team’s coaching staff.

His debut was also memorable, ONIC Adi’s presence brought victory to his team in the inaugural royal derby match against RRQ and won 2-0.

This has made ONIC no longer reaping or being hampered by ‘ugly wins’ from the previous week and is ready to face various opponents in the future.

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However, ONIC Adi’s presence caused irritation/annoyance from his former partner, RRQ Field. What is Fiel’s response to the performance of his former colleague?

Fiel’s response to RRQ’s defeat and ONIC Adi’s presence on stage

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In an interview with Media on Saturday (25/2) Fiel shared his response regarding RRQ’s defeat and the presence of his former colleague, ONIC Adi.

According to Fiel, he was quite annoyed with ONIC Adi’s presence on the stage. He added that there was still an impact on Team RRQ after Adi’s departure. However, he considered that the defeat made RRQ have to improve in the future.

“Yes, Adi is really troublesome (plus) he moved there (ONIC) again. There must be (an impact on RRQ) because before that I had worked with him for a really long time. The kids are from season 7, I was with him from season 8,”

“Actually, if (the RRQ strategy) is legible, that’s for sure. Precisely that will be our homework for how we can develop more when we meet them and are no longer divided because of ONIC Adi,” said Fiel.

Furthermore, Fiel explained that RRQ had actually prepared to meet ONIC Esports and also Adi. However, the National Selection process carried out by the players added to the burden of the team’s training process so that it was not optimal.

However, with yesterday’s defeat, Fiel made sure that he and Coach Arc would improve and implement what Adi had ‘legated’.

“If we prepare something (before the match) we will definitely prepare something so ONIC Adi will not counter it. However, now that we have a training schedule, we don’t have too many players, especially since several players have been summoned by the National Secretariat,”

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“So that the training process together is not so full or maximal. But we will still do our best to develop what Adi has left behind, “Fiel concluded while laughing.

With this defeat, RRQ’s position was automatically shifted by ONIC. Hopefully, from this defeat they are ready to face the next royal derby.

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