The Indonesian PUBGM National Team is ready to shine at the 2023 Cambodia SEA Games!

The composition of the Indonesian PUBGM National Team roster at the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia was officially announced on Thursday (9/3) afternoon for the solo/squad category.

After going through a long process of the National Selection (Seleknas) which was held for several days, 13 names were selected to be part of the Indonesian PUBGM National Team roster. In addition to several players who had triumphed in the previous year, there were several new faces.

The best roster composition is confirmed to have gone through a rigorous selection of coaching staff and related ministries in order to fulfill Indonesia’s mission of achieving achievements in esports.

The selected players are PMPL (PUBG Mobile Pro League) Indonesia tier 1 players. The combination of young and experienced players is believed to be the secret strategy for the Indonesian PUBGM National Team this year.

The following is a list of names of selected athletes in the Indonesian PUBGM National Team:

  • ExarahmanRedFaceJayanto
  • sharfan”potatoesShahman
  • Teuku”PonbitMuhammad Kausar
  • Alan”SatarRaynold Kumaseh
  • Febrianto GentaSvafvelMighty
  • Nizar LugatioMicroboysPrimary
  • SeptiadiHungryArdiansyah
  • Haikal”YummyAditya
  • RusliBobohooJaya
  • leon”Leondz” Dzuliansyah
  • JoshuaJooBrenkySepro
  • muhammad”BoycilAfriza
  • Juventus Rian”RosemaryRolos

The following is a list of names of selected coaching staff in the Indonesian PUBGM National Team:

  • Steven Valerian”S1NYODanilo
  • AlfinMorpheusPrimary
  • Doni”La FlameSaputra
  • GeneralCaptWahyudi
  • Prakoso’s StarKentPramanenda Sinaga
  • Michael
  • Robbie”NaTiC“Mahardika Saputra
  • Ignatius BimaBimbimz”Primary Boys
  • “Ferdian”Nougat”Sahputra

Prediction of the composition of the Indonesian PUBGM National Team roster for Solo and Squad numbers

PUBGM Indonesia National Team, SEA Games 2023, SEA Games, PUBG Mobile
Credit: PB ESI

Furthermore, it is not certain that the 13 athletes who have been selected will enter the solo/squad branch. Chances are, there are certain things that are still being adjusted for the success of the Indonesian PUBGM national team in the upcoming SEA Games.

“Announcement of who will play in Squad 1, Squad 2 and Solo will follow. Apart from waiting for technical certainty from the host, of course we will ensure that the National Team’s strategy is not read prematurely by opponents,” PB ESI wrote.

However, if you look at the views of the Squad 2 trainer, Jendra “Capt” Wahyudi where INA 1 will be filled with pillars of success in the previous year, it is very likely that Svafvel will lead the team. Meanwhile, INA 2 will be led by Bobohoo, IGL BOOM Esports, the winner of 2023 PMPL ID Spring.

BOOM Yummy, BOOM Esports, 2023 PMPL ID Spring, PUBG Mobile
Credits: Yummy BOOM

With information from the Capt, the following is the possible composition of the INA 1 and INA 2 squads:

INA 1*


INA 2*



*Still subject to change according to the decision of PB ESI

Players who are part of the INA 1 or INA 2 teams have the same opportunity to play in solo/individual competitions. However, for special players, solo competition numbers may not be part of the squad.

Hopefully the best composition of the Indonesian PUBGM National Team will be able to contribute a gold medal to continue the relay of success in the previous year.

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