The latest Valorant patch 6.03 is the best Valentine’s gift for Killjoy and Raze.

The arrival of the latest Valorant patch 6.03 brings several changes (nerfs) to the two agents currently busy in the latest META, Killjoy and Raze.

The best duo agent must receive a nerf in the latest Valorant patch 6.03 which is effective on February 14th. Both of them are known to be currently the best-selling options in the VCT LOCK//IN tournament in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

What are the changes (nerfed) to Killjoy and Raze in the latest Valorant patch 6.03? Check out the following reviews.

Raze and Killjoy’s changes in the latest Valorant patch 6.03 could change the META

Credit; Riot Games

A fundamental change for the Sentinels agent, Killjoy significantly affects the Turret’s HP which decreases from 125 to 100. That is, any weapon can hit Killjoy’s turret.

Apart from changes to the Turret, Killjoy’s ultimate skill, Lockdown has increased the orb requirement from seven to eight. Riot claims this change is a step to bring new breakthroughs in the game.

“We really like Killjoy’s ultimate skill which is strong enough that the enemy can’t deal with it, but this is considered too high and not relevant to how the current game scheme is run,” said Riot.

Players must work harder to collect Killjoy orbs after the nerf is applied and unlock the potential to play consistently to unlock their ultimate skills.

Even though he was eventually nerfed, it doesn’t mean that Killjoy’s popularity has suddenly vanished. Killjoy is still quite popular and is unlikely to change from the nerf.

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Credits: Riot Games, ONE Esports

On the other hand, the nerf on Raze is more towards his Boom Bot where the duration is reduced by five seconds. Going from ten seconds to five seconds is a way to reduce enemy tracking methods according to Riot.

The full details of the latest Valorant 6.03 patch changes are as follows:

Killjoy nerfs

  • Turret HP (E) reduced from 125 to 100
    • Reduces Turret health so enemies can destroy it faster even with weaker weapons.
  • Lockdown (X) points increased from 7 to 8

Raze nerfs

  • Boom Bot duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds

Make sure you pay attention to the latest Valorant 6.03 patch and optimize your game on the battlefield, friends.

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