Reviewing the problem of Speedster type Pokemon with ReBongs.

Fans discovered the fact that Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 teams rarely choose Speedster type Pokemon until the second week.

Generally placed in the middle area, speedster type Pokemon are types of Pokemon that are not too strong in the early and tend to be relied on until midgame. With their abilities in the early days, very few speedster type Pokemon can perform brilliantly.

In an exclusive interview with ONE Esportswe asked Wayne “ReBongs’ Chua from the MYS team about the status of a rarely used Speedster type Pokemon.

Speedster type Pokemon are less competitive than All-Rounder

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According to ReBongs, Speedster type Pokemon tend to have problems that make them rarely an option. They are easily defeated when attacked early in the game, need good initial momentum, try to make a big contribution when Rayquaza is present and have several other deficiencies related to their role.

Speedster type Pokemon are actually the strongest Pokemon on the field in the early game and they should be. “They are good enough to use early on, especially when they grow to level 5 and perform well.”

They can actually be so nimble and take down the opponent’s Pokemon before they are finally taken down by the opponent. It takes good timing so that this type of attack can be launched against the enemy.

“The speedster type Pokemon is quite trying in the last two minutes,” he said. This Pokemon can’t survive until late-game and is often hit by Pokemon All-Rounders who are better in terms of level and can fight well.

Given the importance of Rayquaza, it’s hard for some Pokemon to avoid a battle they shouldn’t be able to win.

Dodrio is a good example of a Speedster type Pokemon according to MYS ReBongs

Dodrio, Pokemon Type Speedster, Pokemon UNITE
Credits: ©2021 Pokémon. ©1995–2021 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. ©2021 Tencent.

Of all the speedster type Pokemon in the game, ReBongs praised one of them, Dodrio, who is a subscription/choice in the 2023 Pokeon UNITE Asia Champions League.

“Dodrio is a good Pokemon because he can go around the map quickly, get points easily and can still fight well.”

As the most popular choice in the tournament, fans can see how this Pokemon can do good things in the hands of a talented pro player.

Even though Dodrio has similarities with other Pokemon, his unique ability can be a threat to other teams.

In the end, games are won based on the total points earned and not by the number of match wins.

Team MYS will return to compete on January 28, 2023 against the champion of Thailand Open Championship 2022, ESCAPE V.

Watch it only on the channel YouTube, Facebookor Twitch ONE Esports.

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