Check out the best women’s MLBB teams at MWI 2023!

The MWI 2023 competition (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women Invitational 2023) is back as a forum for the best women’s MLBB teams from various countries.

Present in its second year, the previous MWI was held in 2022 where Bigetron Era, the Indonesian representative team won. Together with GPX Basreng, Indonesia has made brilliant achievements at MWI 2022.

Both Bigetron Era and GPX Basreng were again selected to represent Indonesia after the two teams underwent the 2023 IESPL Women Championship competition.

Bigetron Era and GPX Basreng have also shown their good quality in the WSL S6 competition on Sunday (5/2) where both of them made it to the final round.

Vivian cs are still unshakable as the best women’s MLBB team in Indonesia after claiming the WSL S6 title as well as their 20th achievement in the competitive scene.

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Now, MWI 2023 is bringing together the best women’s MLBB teams from various countries in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam to Myanmar and fighting for trophies and cash prizes.

So, who will be the best women’s MLBB team that will claim the MWI 2023 title? Let’s see the full schedule below.

MWI 2023 schedule and match results

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The MWI 2023 competition will be held from 6 February – 12 February 2023. For a week, all the best women’s MLBB teams will compete in two formats.

The MWI 2023 competition is divided into Group Stage stages which will continue to the Playoff round with the following details:

1. Group Stages: 6-7 February 2023
2. Playoff Stage: 8.12 February 2023

Indonesia was chosen to host the playoffs which will be held on 12 February 2023 at Summarecon Mall Bekasi, West Java.

Group stage schedule


Burmese Ghouls-Reinas TBD Bigetron ERA
Impunity Starlets TBD ZEG Iris
Impunity Starlets 0-1 OMEGA Empress
ZEG Iris TBD Bigetron ERA
ZEG Iris 1-0 Burmese Ghouls-Reinas
Bigetron ERA TBD OMEGA Empress
Bigetron ERA TBD Impunity Starlets
OMEGA Empress TBD Burmese Ghouls-Reinas
OMEGA Empress TBD ZEG Iris
Burmese Ghouls-Reinas TBD Impunity Starlets


GPX Basreng TBD Risk Velkhana
Greyback Odyssey TBD MDH Phoenix
Greyback Odyssey TBD Team HAQ Ladies
MDH Phoenix TBD Risk Velkhana
MDH Phoenix TBD GPX Basreng
Risk Velkhana TBD Team HAQ Ladies
Risk Velkhana TBD Greyback Odyssey
Team HAQ Ladies TBD GPX Basreng
Team HAQ Ladies TBD MDH Phoenix
GPX Basreng TBD Greyback Odyssey


*Full standings will be updated later

How to watch

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All MWI 2023 events can be watched on the YouTube channels Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, MPL Indonesia, MLBB Esports and KINCIR Esports.

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