The regular season for MPL ID S11 is getting busier. These are some of the reasons.

As previously suspected, the MPL ID S11 regular season will start on Friday (17/2/2023). However, this time the 11th season of the highest MLBB league in Indonesia will be held in a different format than before.

In the last few seasons, especially after turning into a franchise league, the MPL ID regular season has been held on Friday-Sunday for eight weeks. However, the MPL ID S11 will experience slight changes.

MPL ID S11 regular season will be held in just six weeks. With the same number of teams, it means that the number of matches every day will increase from before.

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Based on MPL Indonesia official website, the first to fifth weeks of the MPL ID S11 regular season will still be held on Friday-Sunday. Previously, it was reported that the tournament would be held from Thursday-Sunday.

The difference is that now the matches that will be held on Friday will consist of three matches. While on Saturday there are four matches. While on Sunday it is still the same as before, two matches.

This number of matches applies from week 1 to 5. Meanwhile, week 6 will be held from Thursday-Sunday with the same match details as weeks one to five, plus two additional matches on Thursday.

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This change means that the MPL ID S11 regular season will be completed much faster from February 17 to March 26, 2023. Meanwhile, for the playoffs, we still have to wait for further announcements as usual.

Another change that will also occur is the match venue, where last season Moonton and the organizers announced they would no longer use the XO Hall because it needed a bigger venue to accommodate more spectators.

Why is MPL ID S11 regular season only 6 weeks long?

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This change to the MPL ID S11 regular season schedule has indeed made the tournament much shorter and very busy to participate in. Pros and cons regarding this matter will definitely appear.

However, all this was done by Moonton not without reason. There are several aspects that must be considered and followed which make this schedule change inevitable.

The first thing that became the cause was the adjustment to Cambodia’s 2023 SEA Games. This has also been confirmed directly by Moonton’s PR to ONE Esports.

Even though the biggest sporting event in Southeast Asia will only be held in May 2023, all the preparations that must be obtained by players and coaches at the national training camp, aka national training before competing in the event, are things that should be put forward.

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With MPL ID S11 ending faster, it means that players and coaches who will later become part of the Indonesian MLBB national team will have more time to focus on team preparation. There is no longer a mix-up between training for the team and the national team.

In addition, the second thing that is believed to be the cause is that it coincides with the arrival of the month of Ramadan around March 21-22 2023. In other words, the MPL ID S11 regular season event in this fasting month will only occur in week 6.

Regarding the coincidence of the fasting month, this is only the initial speculation of the author. Previously, the MPL ID event was also often held when the fasting month arrived without much change to the match schedule.

We are still waiting for a direct statement from Moonton regarding what will make the MPL ID S11 regular season only last for six weeks in the near future.

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