MLBB Women's Invitational (MWI) 2023 Presents Indonesian Ladies Pro Player Match against the Best Team in Southeast Asia

Tournament Mobile Legends Women (MWI) 2023 officially held today, 6 February 2023. The teams that are confirmed to participate in this tournament are Smart Omega Empress, RISK VELKHANA, Grayback, Team HAQ, ZEG IRIS, Burmese Ghouls, Impunity Starlet, MDH, Bigetron Era, And GPX Basreng.

Ginta Kamka, as Deputy Chief Organizer of the 2023 MLBB Women’s Invitational said “As the times progress, at this time I can proudly say the industry games And esports become one of the choices and opportunities to achieve achievements and become a promising profession, including for gamers Woman. KINCIR has a vision not only to develop the industry esports but also provides an opportunity for all players, both male and female, to be able to compete equally, even at the global level.” said Ginta Kamka

In line with KINCIR’s commitment, MLBB Women’s Invitational 2023 has doubled the prize pool from the previous year to encourage and motivate more players to step up and turn professional. esports.

Ray Ng, as Head of Esports Ecosystem MOONTON Games said “We are very excited about the success of our professional women’s league (MWI) which has started since last year. It is of paramount importance to provide a safe platform for minorities and individuals from all walks of life who can compete at the highest level and break the boundaries of competition. Esports and industry games need a lot gamers women from various nations and countries to change status quonot only from professional athletes, but also animators, developersleader marketing, software engineers, and others. All of that is to change the situation and perception of women in the world games. he said.

Support for the 2023 MWI tournament also comes from the main sports organization esports official from the Indonesian government, the Executive Board of Esports Indonesia (PB ESI). Liliana Sugiharto as General Treasurer of PB ESI said that the values ​​carried by MWI 2023 in supporting increased achievement esports homeland, and encourage inclusivity esports and the spirit of building equality for all people, especially women, is very much in line with PB ESI’s commitment.

“Inclusivity is one of the important keys to accelerating development esportsboth in terms of achievement development, ecosystem development, and industry, as well as being one of the foundations for PB ESI in realizing its vision to become a major force as well as a center esports Asia and the World.

For this reason, PB ESI continues to strengthen its commitment to always provide equal support and opportunities for all people, be it women, men, to people with special needs to be able to develop their potential as optimally as possible in the field of esports. We also hope that MWI 2023 can be an event to prove that women also have potential to be proud of and to be reckoned with in the field esports nationally and internationally, and can inspire Indonesian women who are determined to become professional players,” said Liliana.

Meanwhile Samsung Electronics Indonesia as Play Sponsors the tournament also lends its support. Verry Octavianus Wijaya, MX Product Marketing for Samsung Electronics Indonesia say if Samsung’s support for the ecosystem esports Indonesia is in line with Samsung’s vision to continue to develop technology in every way smartphones made by Samsung.

“The value of a technology smartphones often seen from how smartphones It has a significant role in the life of its users. Smartphones Samsung, especially the Galaxy S23 Series 5G, provides an experience smartphones with the best performance for the gamersespecially activists esports throughout Southeast Asia and even wider. Samsung Electronics Indonesia’s support for the ecosystem esports We manifest Indonesia in the form of a commitment as official smartphone partner for the 2023 MWI tournament,” he said Very.

The Mobile Legends MLBB Women’s Invitational 2023 tournament will bring teams together esports The best Mobile Legends in the Southeast Asia region and fighting for a total prize of USD 30,000.

Later, there will be 10 teams esports women from 7 Southeast Asian countries who will compete to win the championship trophy. The countries that will be participating are: Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, and one representative from the Mekong region (Laos, Thailand, Vietnam).

The MWI 2023 tournament will begin with the group stage taking place on 6 to 7 February 2023.

Meanwhile round playoffs will be held on February 8, 2023 in a manner on line And February 12, 2023 can be watched live at Summarecon Mall Bekasi.