Incendio Supremacy exceeded many expectations on the M4.

Incendio Supremacy is the biggest surprise in the M4 World Championship. The team from Turkey managed to qualify for the last eight and aborted the MPL MY Team HAQ champion in the lower bracket.

Incendio Supremacy’s slick performance has actually been seen since the group phase. They are the only team apart from ONIC Esports that has managed to defeat Falcon Esports.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, M4
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Apart from that, Blacklist International was twice made difficult and dizzy seven rounds before finally winning comebacks in the two matches they played.

Incendio has also been under the spotlight for its gameplay which is very clearly inspired by META UBE Blacklist International. In fact, they are the team that uses Estes most often than the Blacklist itself in M4.

Incendio Supremacy beat Team HAQ with META UBE

Believe it or not, if you trace the match against Team HAQ, Incendio really did the UBE strategy with a pick of heroes that were also very similar to Blacklist’s heroes.

They really practiced the META gathering UBE perfectly. After the match, the assistant coach, Badgalseph, said that they did it on purpose.

“We did use that strategy because we know that our opponents like to use assassins. The optimal way to fight it is to use this META,” he said.

Rosa, the mainstay of Incendio Supremacy’s midlaner, admitted that she was very inspired by the Blacklist because she has been a fan of this team for a long time, not surprised that they were able to make good use of META UBE. In fact he hopes to join the Blacklist if given the chance.

Source: ONE Esports

“Before I came here, I was a big fan of Blacklist International and often watched Hadji’s gameplay. I learn and try to implement it here,” Rosa explained exclusively to ONE Esports.

“If there is an opportunity I would like to join Blacklist International. I like their gameplay and feel comfortable playing here. I really idolize OHMYV33NUS,” he added.

META Iguana weapon of Incendio Supremacy

Perhaps Incendio’s most striking when he beat Team HAQ with UBE META-his. But the fact is that they have more META and not stick with it.

Apex47 and Alien have very wide hero pools regarding roamers and EXP Laners. This makes the gameplay options even wider. Tienzy is also a jungler who can play tanks, fighters, and assassins.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, M4
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

This factor makes Incendio have a variety of gameplay that is believed to be learned on M4 this time. META Iguana is best suited to them.

“We made a lot of mistakes on the M4. But we improve it over time and continue to train hard to reach the best point, “said Rosa.

“We can no longer make mistakes because we are in the lower bracket. We have to be very serious. This is an extraordinary place to encourage us to give our best,” he concluded.

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