MDL PH S1 immediately showed unusual METAS.

The MDL PH S1 has finally started. On the first day there were four matches that were held and here we, the people of Indonesia, finally got to see talented young Filipino players.

It is common knowledge that the Philippines is considered the strongest country in the current MLBB scene. Their regeneration is considered very running and every season new names appear with quality.

Source: ONE Esports

The most obvious example in the MPL PH S10 is the duo Sanji and Sanford from ECHO. Both of them appeared crazy and managed to reach second place in the tournament. Crazy, the 17 and 16 year old boys were able to win the M4 World Championship.

No doubt MDL PH S1 is an important event for young players who want to explore MPL PH in the future. Many new players, even those we have never heard of, are here.

On the first day, many interesting things. But there are two that stand out and make their way into the ONE Esports record. It’s Gamelab and OMEGA NEOS that the META underlines.

Alice jungler opens MDL PH S1

In Gamelab’s first game against RSG Ignite, Takenaga as Gamelab’s jungler suddenly chose Alice. For the first time, Alice jungler appeared on the official MLBB competitive scene at the hands of Takenaga.

Gamelab, Geek Fam

Actually the first game was quite heavy for Gamelab because they used so many scaling heroes for the super late game.

Having been under pressure, finally Alice and Moskov owned by Gamelab reached the time to maximize items and potential. They reversed the position with a very large power war because of the presence of the Alice jungler.

The jungler Alice here plays the Dominance, Oracle, and Winter Truncheon tank items in the first item. The aim is clearly to hold the body and strengthen their gathering scheme.

So that Moskov can easily deal great damage of course with the help of Valentina, Khufra, and also Benedetta. Gamelab won the first fight MDL PH S1 2-0.

Lancelot jungler tank turns out to be effective

The second surprise came in the OMEGA NEOS vs TNC Neo match. Here MP The King from Omega gets attention after using Lancelot with great confidence twice.

Lancelot is not a strange hero, what makes him shake his head is that he wears the mustard jungler emblem plus a full defense item. Yes, the Lancelot tank is really presented in the Philippines.

MDL PH S1, Lancelot tank
Source: MDL PH

Lancelot tank means he can open war at will, messing up the backline without fear of dying quickly. Even though the damage has decreased a lot, the goal of Omega NEOS is certainly not for that.

Item Lancelot Tank Jungler MP The King

  • Tough Boots
  • Molten Essence
  • Guardian Helmet
  • Bruteforce Breastplate
  • Athena Shield
  • Antique Quirass

Lancelot only diverts the issue so that the enemy is provoked to throw skills at him and MM can freely counterattack. Moreover, Omega NEOS dares to play a lot of thick heroes with CC like Lapu-lapu midlaner.

This option was used twice and all were successful. OMEGA NEOS started the MDL PH S1 with a unanimous 2-0 win over the Lancelot tank jungler.

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