Congratulations RRQ won El Clasico volume 1 for EVOS.

El Clasico brings together RRQ and EVOS Legends in the closing match of week 2, Sunday (26/2). After the different results achieved by the two teams the previous day, they would have prepared themselves for the final match of volume 1.

With each team releasing their new lineup, the RRQ vs EVOS Legends match has certainly been highly anticipated by all MLBB fans in Indonesia.

The presence of RENBO is also considered to be a new buff as EVOS Legends with their ultimate lineup ready to face their first El Clasico.

Renbo's debut on RRQ
Source: ONE Esports

How was El Clasico volume 1 between RRQ and EVOS Legends like? Check out the full review below.

META Baxia Jungler hasn’t brought RRQ the lead in game 1 yet

In the first game, RRQ returned with the lineup Alberttt, VYN, Lemon, Skylar and RENBO. EVOS on the other hand appeared with a lineup of Branz, DreamS, Hijumee, Saykots and Tazz.

One thing different from RRQ, is that Alberttt appeared with Baxia Jungler. Apart from Alberttt, both teams appeared with their best hero choices.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Baxia, Hero counter Yu Zhong
Credit: Moonton

The game between the two teams was quite balanced where RRQ looked a bit aggressive. Not infrequently the two teams often trade attacks in the direction of the top lane to mid. META Baxia Jungler implemented by Alberttt seems to work well.

RRQ did the first straight push, but EVOS Legends managed to block and drive RRQ from their line of defense. The counter attack was carried out by EVOS Legends where 3 players fell straight push back.

With the second Lord, EVOS still can’t attack RRQ’s base. The battle is getting hotter between the two teams. The third Lord can still be driven away by Lemon cs. The fourth Lord is claimed by EVOS again, the straight push is again done.

Credit: MPL Indonesia

RRQ began to be cornered, the team’s unbalanced condition became an advantage for EVOS Legends and Branz cs managed to take game 1.

Skylar’s split push saved RRQ

RRQ still uses the same draft where Alberttt still uses Baxia. Several players seemed to change their chosen heroes in the 2nd game.

Since the beginning of the game, the two of them have been seen fighting strength. But compared to game 1, EVOS Legends appeared more dominant this time.

EVOS Legends
Source: ONE Esports

EVOS continues to dominate the various teamfights that occur. RRQ seems to have suffered quite a big loss from an objective point of view where EVOS managed to disarm all of the turrets. The defense is also starting to be threatened, on the other hand RRQ is still aggressively providing attacks.

The first Lord is claimed by EVOS Legends, straight push is done. VYN and Lemon were defeated, RRQ was still able to block Branz cs’ attacks. Again, the second Lord was secured by EVOS who tried to make a second straight push towards RRQ.

Rejected again, EVOS returned to get a third Lord. The straight push was still being carried out and once again RRQ’s setup was quite neat in protecting their base turret. The straight push was carried out again, Skylar and Renbo succeeded in defeating 3 EVOS players.

An exciting moment comes in the struggle for the fourth Lord. Both the pillars of EVOS and RRQ compete against each other in a fierce teamfight. Skylar took a clever high-stakes move, the split push was executed and RRQ managed to take it to game 2 thanks to Skylar.

RRQ’s unique draft brings victory in El Clasico volume 1

Entering the 3rd game, both teams appeared with different drafts. The heat of the early game battle was almost the same as the 2nd game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Martis
Credit: Moonton

Unfortunately, from the various early teamfights that occurred, RRQ seemed to be at a disadvantage as EVOS Legends was agile in aiming for objectivity towards the enemy’s turret.

However, despite being pressured at the start, RRQ managed to turn things around and corner EVOS. The third lord was taken by RRQ, a straight push was made towards the EVOS base but Branz cs managed to block the attack.

EVOS Legends appeared with their best draft. But it seems that RRQ’s genius succeeded in making them have to rack their brains to turn things around. RRQ took the fourth lord, Lemon cs did a straight push towards EVOS base.

EVOS started cornered, the remaining 3 players couldn’t defend their base. RRQ and Lord are increasingly attacking the EVOS base and RRQ won with a score of 2-1.

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