Lemon must enter the MLBB national team for these three reasons.

Lemon must enter the MLBB national team. Is that statement true? We have several reasons why the legend should be given the opportunity to show off at the 2023 SEA Games.

Lemon has become an icon in the global MLBB scene. Not a single actor, fan or follower of this game does not know this player from Aceh. Recognition has been found Lemon by everyone.

Acil-Lemon RRQ Hoshi, RRQ Lemon
Acil-Lemon RRQ Hoshi

Even so, that doesn’t mean that this one player has experienced all the achievements in MLBB. Regarding trophies, Lemon was probably on the roster when RRQ lifted four MPL trophies in seasons 2, 5, 6 and 9. Even so, apart from that he has never tasted a championship.

Even now Lemon is experiencing difficulties in his career. Even though he is almost always on the RRQ roster, in the last two or three seasons he has rarely had the chance to play.

RRQ Lemon, Mobile Legends, Lemon, RRQ Hoshi, MPL ID S9
Credit: Youtube/Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The existence of Xinn and Skylar made Lemon unable to compete in the goldlaner position. Even when he returned as a midlaner in MPL ID S10, Clay was still the first choice for the King of Kings.

Even though there are still many who hope this player can climb back up as a mainstay of the team. That hope is still there, even though it is quite large in S11 as the R7 rests. Lemon is believed to be filling the EXP Laner position for RRQ this season.

Lemon appeared in the national selection for the Indonesian MLBB National Team

2023 is a new hope for Lemon. Apart from his potential to play as a big starter in season 11 later, he suddenly appears in the 2023 Indonesian MLBB National Team National Selection.

Even though on the list of players who entered the National Secretariat, there was no Lemon from the 19 players there. However, in a short video story, PB ESI Lemon is seen undergoing a psychological test with other players.

This took social media by storm. This means that Zeys’ statement about players outside the list participating in the national selection actually happened. The other figures that appeared were SamoHt and Crite.

But, the existence of Lemon is certainly different. Lemon must enter the Indonesian MLBB National Team for three different reasons. ONE Esports has a reason.

Lemon must enter the MLBB Indonesia national team for 3 reasons

Mobile Legends, RRQ Hoshi, Champion of MPL ID S5, MLBB
Credit: Instagram/Ikhsan_Lemon

As previously explained, Lemon is probably an icon and a legend. But in terms of performance he is not that luxurious. No doubt Lemon must enter the MLBB national team because he certainly has big ambitions to show himself.

His motivation was multiplied, seeing that many might not have included him in the list of the best MLBB players. Factors that make Lemon must enter the MLBB national team.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, Moon Goddess Miya

Technically, Lemon’s strengths are that he can play in various roles, and also has the most mastery of heroes out of all MLBB players in the world, especially because he often chooses unusual heroes in the competitive scene.

This factor makes Lemon have more value than other national selection players and must be Zeys’ priority to enter the MLBB national team roster later.

RRQ Hoshi without Lemon, RRQ Lemon, Mobile Legends, MLBB, M4
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

This one factor is non-technical, but it’s acknowledged that playing against a team with Lemon in it can frighten your opponent. Lemon must be included in the MLBB national team because he can put pressure on opponents, even before the duels between teams begin.

The name buff is an instant boon for the MLBB national team if Lemon is in it. He can also impart his macro and god-level mindset to other players.

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