KB explained the steps that could lead RRQ Hoshi to win the duel against Blacklist.

RRQ Hoshi is one step away from reaching the upper bracket final of the M4 World Championship playoff. However, there is a big challenge they must overcome first, namely the reigning champion and ruler of the Philippines “Blacklist International”.

Blacklist is one of the strongest champion candidates because they carry the status of defending champion. Apart from that, they also managed to become the best in the MPL PH S10.

Of course it’s not easy to overthrow a team like Blacklist, but it’s not impossible. With a series of well-thought-out plans and precise execution, all teams can definitely be defeated.

The key to victory for RRQ Hoshi vs Blacklist International

The key to victory for RRQ Hoshi vs Blacklist International
source: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Interviewed exclusively at the M4 arena, the famous MLBB analyst “KB” expressed his opinion on what conditions RRQ Hoshi must meet if they want to beat the champion from the Philippines.

According to KB, the first thing coach Arcadia should emphasize is how to destroy the Blacklist formation. He considered VeeWise cs difficult to beat when five of them fought.

“Coach Arcadia has to give set-up breaking instructions, we know Blacklist is very strong in a 5 vs 5 battle. It’s better if they pick-off first before the team fight because Blacklist looks a little weak when they don’t fight with five people,” explained KB.

Apart from that, KB also stated other requirements that RRQ should fulfill in the match against the Blacklist.

“RRQ Hoshi’s key to victory? Break the Blacklist set-up, apply relentless pressure, and play loose but respect.”

Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

It’s not just a matter of strategy, every individual on the Blacklist roster also doesn’t escape KB’s attention. Besides VeeWise, who is widely known as a dangerous duo, the analyst thinks there is another figure that is no less dangerous.

“Besides VeeWise, RRQ Hoshi must be wary of Hadji, the KDA Machine. He is a very terrible player, “concluded KB.

RRQ Hoshi will face Blacklist International in the M4 continuation on Wednesday (1/11) at 16.00 WIB.

You can watch the whole series of M4 World Championship tournaments via the channel MLBB’s official YouTube.

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