How to Watch the 2022 PBNC Grand Finals

Series of events PBNC 2022 Grand Final will be held soon. The main part of the event is the match esports where 12 of the best Point Blank teams in Indonesia will compete for the title PBNC Champions 2022 and PBLL 2022.

The main matches of PBNC and PBLL will be held starting today Friday 10 February 2023. There will be a preliminary round on Friday (10/2), semifinals and the match for third place on Saturday (11/2), and grand finals on Sunday (12/2).

All matches This can be seen in the following ways.

Attend and Watch the Match Live

Troopers can come directly to the event to watch all matches live. The event will be held at Center Atrium, Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta.

With venues open, Troopers you can invite as many friends and family as you want to watch the PBNC 2022 Grand Final together for free.

While watching the match, Troopers can also follow a series side events others like mini tournaments, games prizes, as well as watching music festivals that will be available at venues PBNC 2022 event later.

Watch Livestream via Zepetto Official YouTube

Zepetto will broadcast all matches on official YouTube channels Zepetto PB Indonesia from the first day of the match on Friday, 10 February 2023 to the last day.

Make sure to keep monitoring livestreambecause there will be redemption code prizes to be distributed to the audience live periodically.

Watch the PBNC 2022 Grand Final via the Platform

Troopers who can not come directly to venues Events can watch the PBNC 2022 match via the platform. Livestream will appear on Display Channel, The First Esports and Gaming Channel in Indonesia. The platform can be accessed through the website or via the app DENSTV.

DENSTV apps can be-downloads via Playstore on Android and App Store on iPhone.

Watch via YouTube DensPlay

Troopers can watch the PBNC 2022 match via channels YouTube DensPlay. Besides watching matchesthe DensPlay Youtube channel also hosts a number of events prizes that you can follow, one of them live streaming play together (mabar) Point Blank Special PBNC 2022 on the 1st and 8th of February 2023.

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