Indonesia Successfully Sets a Record and Wins Overall Champion at the 2022 INDONESIA ESPORTS SUMMIT Event

Indonesia Esports Summit 2022, event esports the world’s biggest event so far this year, officially closed on a proud note for Indonesia.

At events that combine concepts sports tourism and sporty Indonesia has successfully achieved this overall championship title at the 14th IESF World Esports Championship which is one of the main agendas.

The General Champion was pinned on Indonesia thanks to its success in winning 3 gold medalseach of the numbers DOTA 2, eFootball and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), as well as 1 bronze medal from CS:GO Women.

Chief Executive of the Indonesian Esports Association (PB ESI) Bambang Sunarwibowo in his remarks expressed his gratitude and joy for the successful holding of the 2022 Indonesia Esports Summit.

“For two weeks, the Indonesia Esports Summit which consisted of high-level conferences, a series of interesting discussions about hot issues in the industry esportsPara Esports Exhibition, and the IESF 14 Esports World Championshipth The 2022 World Esports Championships has become a big festival for the esports community in Indonesia and the world. Through this event, we hope that the wider community, the world of education, and various industrial sectors will better understand their faces and potentials esports the real thing,” said PB ESI Daily Chief Bambang Sunarwibowo.

In connection with the proud achievement of the Indonesian National Esports Team which managed to become the Overall Champion at the 14th Esports World Championship in Bali, Bambang see it as very positive towards development and achievement esports Indonesia in the future.

“What the National Team has achieved is thanks to unyielding hard work, discipline and perseverance in preparing to present the best performance for the nation and the country. This is the inspiration and at the same time the motivation of the world esports homeland for all the nation’s children to have the same enthusiasm in achieving the highest achievements in the fields they practice,” he said.

The three gold medals that Indonesia won were thanks to the unyielding struggle of the National Team number DOTA 2, eFootball, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

The DOTA 2 national team that won gold consisted of:

  • Randy “Dreamocel” Muhammad Sapoetra,
  • Rafli “Mikoto” Fathurrahman,
  • Syaid “Womy” Muhammad Resky,
  • Tri “Jhocam” Kuncoro,
  • Matthew “Whitemon” Philemon, and
  • Brizio “Hyde” Adiputra Budiana.

They managed to establish themselves as world champions after a dramatic win over the strong Filipino team with a score of 3-2. The slick performance also earned Mikoto the MVP title.

The second gold was donated by eFootball athletes Ega Light Son who performed brilliantly to blow a formidable eFootball athlete from Argentina.

One bronze medal was donated by CS:GO Women National Team consisting of Dhammamitta Marvella, Aulia Brilian Putri HAC, July Kusuma, Risalma Agnia, and Daltha Amelia Dwiguna.

MURI record for Indonesia Esports Summit 2022

The 2022 Indonesia Esports Summit event also set a new record for the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

There are 3 (three) MURI records for this event:

  1. Esports World Championship with Most Participants from International Countries (105 Countries)
  2. Largest Outdoor Esports World Championship (9.2 Hectares)
  3. Most Offline Esports Matches in One Day (164 Matches)