Indonesia Esports Summit: IESF 14th World Esports Championships Officially Open

Indonesia Esports Summit 2022one of the most important agenda esports initiated by Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PB ESI)was officially opened with a ceremony laden with the colors of the beauty of Indonesian culture wrapped in the sophistication of digital technology.

The sparkling themed opening ceremony sporty and sports tourism This event was attended by thousands of audiences from world athletes participating in world championships esports IESF 14th WE Championships 2022industry players esports homeland and abroad, national sports organizations, celebrities from the entertainment industry, to prominent figures esports from various regions of the world.

Indonesia Esports Summit Opening Ceremony and world championships esports IESF 14th WE Championships 2022 officially opened by The Minister of Youth & Sports, Zainudin Amali, along with the Daily Chairperson of the Indonesian Esports Executive Board, Bambang Sunarwibowo, and the President of IESF, Vlad Marinescu. Also present were the General Chairperson of KONI, Marciano Norman, Chairman of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI), Raja Sapta Oktohari and General Treasurer of KOI, Tommy Hermawan Lo.

Minister of Youth & Sports, Zainudin Amali appreciate and fully support the Indonesia Esports Summit: IESF 14th World Esports Championships.

“Activities that make the nation proud on the world stage are the hard work of the Indonesian Esport Management (PB ESI). Organizing this spectacular international event is a big leap in its vision as a leading force in Asia, and indeed the world. Hopefully this event will be the starting point for a new history to make a big contribution esports for the people and the country,” he said Minister of Youth and Sports Amali.

In his opening remarks, Chief Executive of Indonesian Esports Executive, Bambang Sunarwibowo invites the entire world community to realize the magnitude of the potential esports to the socio-economic and cultural life of the entire nation.

“Through the Indonesia Esports Summit, we want to convey a message to the wider community about the synergies that can be built through esports for the purpose of empowerment and optimization in all sectors that make up the ecosystem. We want people to understand that esports not just playing games or hosting game tournaments. However, esports is a sport branch that has become a large industry with tremendous economic, social and cultural potential that touches the sports achievements sector, the creative economy, tourism, technology, and even education. Esports is a field that requires seriousness, intelligence, creativity and integrity,” said Bambang.

In his concluding sentence, PB ESI Daily Chairperson Bambang Sunarwibowo also conveyed a message that was very contextual with the current world situation.

“Make esports as a means for perpetrators around the world to promote friendship, brotherhood, and world peace.”

IESF President Vlad Marinescu welcomed all the athletes and delegates to the ceremony and said:

“Welcome to Bali for the 2022 World Esports Championship Finals. We are thrilled to see 106 historical nations, more than double the number from last year’s edition, compete in the 14th edition of this event here in the Land of the Gods. All of you here in this beautiful country and those watching are a testament and a reflection of the family’s growth and progress esports the world,” he said.

world championship esports IESF World Esports Championships 2022 which is part of the big agenda Indonesia Esports Summit 2022competing six game numbers, namely:

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO),
  2. PUBG Mobile,
  3. Mobile Legends: BangBang,
  4. eFootball 2023,
  5. DOTA 2, and
  6. Tekken 7.

More than 500 athletes from 106 countries have been in Bali to compete for the world title in the events that were contested.