Indonesia Esports Summit and IESF 14th World Esports Championship Bali 2022 are Ready to be Held

Bali, 1 December 2022 – One of the most important agenda esports Indonesia, which will become an annual event initiated by the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PB ESI), namely Indonesia Esports Summitready to be held.

This year’s event included the world championship esports prestigious IESF 14th World Esports Championships 2022 as one of the main agenda, up to D-1 of the opening ceremony, it has succeeded in capturing the world’s attention.

Evidently, more than 500 athletes and hundreds of delegates have confirmed their attendance at Damaging Nusa Dua Bali which is the location where the activity takes place.

The inaugural match will take place December 2 in the morning and into the evening, before moving on to the opening ceremony which will highlight the theme sporty.

Chief Executive of the Indonesian Esports Executive Board, Bambang Sunarwibowo, in the presence of international, national and local Balinese media, said that enthusiasm esports the world for holding the Indonesia Esports Summit is a positive signal for the big concept being carried out, namely Sports Tourism.

“Through the Indonesia Esports Summit, we will present a match esports world class pass IESF 14th World Esports Championships 2022dish entertainment contemporary and traditional, creative industry exhibitions and leading technology, to various interesting discussions that will raise hot issues in the world esports and the ecosystem,” said Bambang Sunarwibowo.

“PB ESI also wants to reiterate to the wider community, especially creative economy actors, about the huge potential esports in recovering and reviving the creative and tourism industries which were constrained by the pandemic.”

Bambang Sunarwibowo on this occasion also reiterated that esports has become a sports industry with great economic value, requires serious and committed management, and requires support from the world of education in producing competent & character human resources.

“For that, it is important for the world esports to synergize closely with the world of education.”

The IESF 14th World Esports Championships will feature six game numbers:

  1. CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO),
  2. PUBG Mobile,
  3. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,
  4. eFootball 2023,
  5. DOTA 2, and
  6. Tekken 7.

PB ESI is very serious in preparing its National Team which will compete in the 2022 IESF 14th World Esports Championships with the target of success in organizing and achieving.

IESF Appreciation for PB ESI With all eyes on Indonesia, IESF President, Vlad Marinescu, expressed his appreciation to PB ESI for the dedication and totality shown during the preparation for the IESF 14th World Esports Championships.

“PB ESI and Garudaku provide the needs for this competition very well. From coordinating with so many participating countries, preparing adequate accommodations and even exceeding expectations, to the various things needed to make this event a success, Indonesia deserves a thumbs up as host.”

He also praised PB ESI’s positive contribution to the rapid progress experienced by the ecosystem esports Indonesia.

“Under the auspices of PB ESI, ecosystem esports Indonesia is now well organized, involving various elements, and giving appreciation to athletes that are appropriate and proportionate. Other countries can use Indonesia and PB ESI as an example for developing infrastructure and forming a federation esports in his country. In the future, Indonesia will even be able to become the center esports the world,” he concluded.

The IESF Esports World Championship which was held in Nusa Dua, Bali managed to break several records among others are activity esports with the largest number of participants in the history of the event, concept sports tourism inspiring not only for the ecosystem esports local, but also the world and activities esports on the beach first held in the world.

Regarding these new records, Guinness World Records will monitor and it is hoped that this event will produce new world records that make Indonesia proud.

Main Director of PT Garuda Creative Production, Daniel Sutrisno explained Indonesia Esports Summit: IESF 14th World Esports Championships 2022 has entered the finalization stage.

“The four stages of the match viz fire stage, ice stage, air stage and earth stage has entered the stage of finalization, as well water stage used for the festival stage. Booth and exhibition areas It’s almost finished,” he said.

106 countries and more than 600 participants are ready to compete. The performers and supporters of the event are ready and jointly support each other to make this international event a success.

“We ask for the prayers and support of activists esportscommunity esports and all Indonesian people, for the success of this event and the victory of the Indonesian national team for the sake of red and white and our beloved country,” he concluded.