Success starts with small things. Daily habits go a long way in improving your health and well-being – and the right habits and activities can go a long way toward increasing your focus or productivity.

However, forming new habits can be difficult without the proper discipline and tools. Introducing, Omne by FWD a lifestyle app that helps create positive momentum through habit building and allows you to practice micro-habits – which are easy to follow and adhere to.

Realize your goals intuitively with fun, science-based activities, tools and content

Credits: FWD, ONE Esports

Everyone is currently embarking on their own unique journey. Personalize the activity set to suit your personal needs and preferences, at your own pace – whether you want to energize yourself, focus better, indulge in a power nap or simply relax.

Omne provides a range of target-based activities and tools to create micro-habits that bring out the best in you, ranging from music, mini games, sketches and health-based features; to curated content to get you in the right zone and mindset to effortlessly achieve your goals.

Credits: FWD, ONE Esports

Test yourself in fun mini games like Panda Ball, Tiger on the Run and Digi Hopper. Or, unleash your creativity with Sketch, which is packed with helpful templates. Get song recommendations to keep your concentration or relax, and Omne’s monaural beats will help those of you who like to play games all night long to get better sleep while recharging.

Credits: FWD, ONE Esports

Take advantage of Mirror Me, which provides a quick assessment of your current health, estimating everything from waist to height ratio, heart rate, blood pressure, facial skin age, breathing and stress levels. You can also sync your health data from Apple Health or Fitbit to Omne via the Healthe-me DigiCheck feature to get a more accurate picture of your health.

Get inspired and entertained through interviews with esports heroes at Omne

Credits: ONE Esports

Learn more about the biggest esports heroes through exclusive content from ONE sports which can also be found on Omne.

Few people are able to reach the top of the competition and become an inspiration for generations of gamers in chasing their dreams. Get to know your favorite esports players and personalities through exclusive interviews – learn what inspires and motivates them and then incorporate those lessons into your daily routine.

Enjoy access to espots content that can energize you, help you stay focused and inspired, or just relax.

Take control of your day while building micro-habits that last and achieve your goals with Omne! every day. Your Way.

Download Omne now! Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.