Tips for Main Point Blank

How to Main Point Blank Like Pro Player – In the past few years, Point Blank’s prestige has indeed declined. Because most of the players have switched to games mobile esports which boom.

Even so, we certainly don’t forget domination games this was at the beginning of the crowd of fans PC games in Indonesia. Well for those of you who are still playing games In this case, you should know some tips on how to play Point Blank.

Playing Point Blank is the most exciting when you are with friends. To be able to win the game, it takes good teamwork. When playing, you must master how to shoot at the correct Point Blank. Good accuracy will make it easier for you to defeat enemies.

How to Play Point Blank Like a Pro Player

Played PointBlank You can’t be careless, starting from movement, how to shoot, to taking cover, you have to master it well. Some of the tips below will help you to be able to play like pro player.

Make sure the computer is running

Tips for Main Point Blank

These tips are not related to strategy in playing. However, a smooth computer will help you carry out strategies when playing well. Make sure you check before playing. That way, when playing Point Blank you won’t have troublesome problems.

You should also use a computer with adequate specifications. If you don’t have your own computer, you can play in a special gaming internet cafe. The computer that is there is certain to have the appropriate specifications and will help you play games smoothly.

Set Sensitivity Mouse

Tips for Main Point Blank

When playing Point Blank, sensitivity mouse very influential in the game. Because this device will control movement and shooting. You can adjust the sensitivity according to your own comfort. Because everyone will usually feel comfortable with a certain sensitivity. You can set it yourself through the settings menu in games.

The advantage of setting this sensitivity is, the accuracy of the shot will be better. You will be more flexible in making movements to find and shoot enemies. It would be even better if you use mouse specifically for gaming. Choose mouse quality so that you feel comfortable while playing.

Understand Weapon Characteristics

Tips for Main Point Blank

It will be very profitable if you have lots of weapons. Each weapon has different characteristics, so you have to understand them one by one. This is so that you can maximize the weapons used against enemies.

There are several Point Blank weapons that are favored by Troopers. Starting from the M1887 Shotgun, Cheytac-m200 Rustron Sniper Rifle, Tactilite T2 Fire Dragon, P90 ext and many more. You can use some of these weapons according to roles what is played. And maximize every bullet you have to defeat your opponent.

Use the Appropriate Character

Tips for Main Point Blank

Every character in Point Blank has different characteristics. Every player usually has a favorite character that will make them more enthusiastic about playing. The selection of this character is actually optional, but if the selection is appropriate it will really help you.

An example of a favorite character is Viper Red, this character is suitable for use because it has agile movements. You will find it easier to set tactics and avoid enemy attacks. Apart from that, you can also choose Lopez Rica whose abilities are not much different.

Continuous Practice

Tips for Main Point Blank

The best way so that you can play like pro player is to keep practicing. You can practice the basics of shooting, determining positions and defending against enemy attacks. This exercise will be very useful so that you become more familiar with Point Blank gameplay.

Apart from that, you will also memorize the maps in this game faster. That way, you can find out which locations are suitable for attack or defense.

Don’t Keep Silence

Tips for Main Point Blank

Many novice Point Blank players often remain silent during the game. Even though this will make it easier for the opponent to shoot. Therefore, when playing as much as possible to keep moving, especially when facing one on one. This movement will make it difficult for the opponent to shoot, they will definitely find it difficult to aim.

This method can be done during defense or attack. But the problem is, you have to be able to stabilize the weapon that is pointed at your opponent. Yes, by continuing to move, as much as possible to keep pointing the weapon at your opponent until you find the right moment to shoot.

Monitor Mini Folder

Tips for Main Point Blank

Mini-map this will be very helpful to set the strategy in attack. With the help of mini map, you can find out the area controlled by your opponent, so you don’t force yourself to go to that area. Through folder In this case, the position of teammates will be easier to monitor so they can manage positioning We.

When you see a dead friend, you can be sure that in that area there is an opponent who managed to shoot. You can go straight to the area to counterattack. Maybe the opponent is already in a bad condition, so it’s easier to beat.

Rely on Strategy

Tips for Main Point Blank

Point Blank is a game full of strategy. Therefore, you cannot play games this is original. Instead of getting the victory, you are the ones who become the butt of your opponent.

This strategy is formed with the team by setting the tasks of each player. During play, all players must communicate well in order to attack properly.

Take advantage of the available mini map to find out where your teammates and opponents are. Don’t force yourself to attack alone, because victory will be easier to get when teamwork is good.

Reload Weapon Well

Tips for Main Point Blank

Many Point Blank players don’t pay attention to the process reload weapon. Especially for novice players who often do reload suddenly during the shootout. This will obviously make it easier for the opponent to attack. Avoid doing reload weapons while your opponent is still in front of you. Maximize the remaining bullets in the weapon to finish off your opponent.

You guys can do reload by the time the opponent is dead, it is much more mana. In addition, pay attention to the surrounding conditions to make sure there are no opponents near you. If necessary, find a safe place to start first reload weapon.

Not Clustered

Tips for Main Point Blank

When you play with a team, make sure you know how to move correctly. Make sure you and other teammates don’t crowd when moving. The goal is that the opponent does not easily kill your team. Try to move according to each role and keep in touch so you can beat your opponent faster.

So, those are some playing tips PointBlank shareable. If you want like pro player, practice must be continuously improved. Avoid cheating methods for the sake of victory, because that will absolutely not help you become a great player.