Find out the pluses and minuses of the Nexterra Free Fire map here.

The presence of the Nexterra Free Fire map has changed the META in the competitive Free Fire scene, especially in FFML Season 7. The map which is built with complex diversity is different from other maps.

The Nexterra Free Fire map is relatively small in complexity like other maps, for example, Kalahari. Formed with a design, each city (drop zone) has its own characteristics. But overall, the theme of the Nexterra Free Fire map is a futuristic one.

As part of the FFML Season 7 map pool, the Nexterra Free Fire map has certain difficulties in the competitive scene. Indeed, there are things that make the Nexterra Free Fire map different from other maps.

This was conveyed by Aphrodite’s G-ARSY coach, Bang Fayad, where he explained the challenges when playing on the Nexterra Free Fire map. Are you curious about the challenges or certain factors that make Nexterra difficult? Check out the following reviews.

Map Nexterra replaces Kalahari in the FFML Season 7 map pool

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Map Nexterra is known to have replaced Kalahari in the FFML Season 7 map pool even before the tournament started. According to Bang Fayad, Nexterra’s size is more or less the same as the Kalahari map.

“Kalahari is no longer in the competitive (pool) map. It is official that Kalahari was removed and then replaced by Nexterra, which in my opinion is similar in size to the Kalahari map, (including) a small map as well,” said Bang Fayad.

“The number of cities is also not much different, a few choices for (area) high loot (plus) the distance from one city to another is quite close (supported) full access (paths) lots of launchpads that reach very far and in my opinion far more sinister than Kalahari, he continued.

Plus minus the Nexterra Free Fire map and a big challenge according to Bang Fayad

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Credit: Bang Fayad

With the elimination of Kalahari, according to Bang Fayad, there will be no significant impact on his team. However, given the similarities between Kalahari and Nexterra, for the trainer the presence of a small map like Nexterra had a big impact on gaining momentum.

“(It doesn’t matter) there is no Kalahari, yes, (but) from my time when (still training) at DG, AURA, the Kalahari map is an important and mandatory BOOYAH map. If we can win a small map, we can certainly set the tempo of the game on a bigger map,” he said.

From Bang Fayad’s point of view, Nexterra has no drawbacks (minus) but instead has a number of advantages (pluses) as well as challenges that every pro/semi pro player needs to understand both in FFML Season 7 and in other scenes.

“The minuses are not too many but the pluses for Nexterra are maps which in my opinion demand extraordinary focus abilities from each player in each team. Because we are talking about the character of the building, there is not a single area with the same building character,” said Bang Fayad.

Credit: Garena

“For example, we are talking about Bermuda, the area of ​​the buildings on Sentosa is similar to the one in the Milky Way, similar to the one in Pochinok, so if we move the drop zone we can still adhere to the same philosophy from the previous drop zone, for example I moved from Bima to Sentosa, the typical combat is similar because the buildings are similar,” explained Bang Fayad.

Nexterra does have different characteristics from other maps where none of the buildings have the same shape. Everyone is different and this is a big challenge for all FFML Season 7 teams.

Credit: Garena

“When talking about Nexterra, there isn’t one, not even one that looks the same as the 3rd floor building, even though the characters are different. The entrance stairs are different, the window is different, there isn’t one, for example, getting off at Deca Square or Mud Site or Rust Town, at Gravity Labs or Intellect, basically mastering the drop zone must master the next check point from the character of the building, “

“The character of the building alone is different, for example I fought with SES in Farmtopia, the timing of the descent definitely made a difference. In Farmtopia, if the timing drops we are slower or faster, we don’t necessarily lose, even though we are slow. So, in my opinion, the Nexterra map is a full tactical map that demands focus and detailed tactical strategy for each team,” he continued.

Nexterra Free Fire, Free Fire
Credit: Garena

A discussion that is quite complex, survivor. Hopefully Bang Fayad’s opinion can help you improve your game on Nexterra Free Fire.

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