Hi5 showcases excellent gameplay on Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023.

Hi5 comes to the Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 as the underdog. However, they quickly earned the respect of Pokemon trainers worldwide through their outstanding gameplay in the East Asia Division in Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023.

As champions at the 2022 Taiwan Open, they qualify as one of the best Asian teams. The team is still unbeaten with a 2-0 record against T2 and Eternity.

Hi5 was able to do amazing with Absol

Source: Pokemon UNITE

In the first game against Eternity, Hi5 made a surprise. They surprisingly chose Absol in their fourth pick.

The goal is clear to snowball as much as possible so that Absol can maximize its potential in the hands of Shindi. Sure enough, Shindi was able to do a quick pick off strategy according to the pokemon’s abilities.

From laning alone, they were able to carry out perfect execution with highly coordinated pick-off streaks. Eternity seems to be given no tempo at all.

Eternity’s central laner, Hanaka, was left motionless by the presence of Absol, who has a fast rotation. Eternity is having a really hard time catching Hi5’s pokemon.

Through a very slick tempo, Ikura Cs gained momentum on their third try and killed Eldegoss, Aegislash, Mr. Mime, and Snorlax from Eternity.

In a 1 vs 5 position, they managed to secure Rayquaza and locked the first game.

Hi5 won via Garchomp’s cheese pick in the second game

Source: Pokemon UNITE

In the second game, the Taiwanese team again made a surprise pick. After Absol, Garchomp’s turn to appear in Pokemon Arena and Eternity was confused again.

Fans may be confused by the Hi5 draft pick. In the second game they chose not to use a defensive Pokemon that can really hold its body in front.

It’s not surprising that they had a little trouble in the early game with Eternity’s aggressiveness. Eternity secures Registeel first while Hi5 still continues to stall for time.

Their patience finally paid off in the sixth minute when the two teams met at Regieleki. Sure enough, Eternity was starting to lose power.

They couldn’t target Garchomp from BKZ because Delphox and Mew belonged Hi5 really does a good cover fire. Eternity didn’t have the capacity to attack the backline because of Ikura’s Blissey.

Until Rayquaza finally appeared in the arena, Hi 5 immediately positioned itself aggressively. BKZ was completely focused for Rayquaza while his four colleagues zoning for Eternity. Hi5 also managed to win.

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