Complete the new roster, RRQ Valorant ladies are ready to rock!

The presence of RRQ Valorant ladies, Kaguya some time ago only consisted of 4 main pillars from the previous team, Alter Ego Celeste is now complete with additional coaches, players and a new manager.

The formation of the RRQ Valorant ladies division has indeed become a project of RRQ CEO, Andrian “APPauline with CalvinNanos“Thenderan. As a team that has successfully entered the VCT 2023 franchise league, RRQ is required to have a Valorant ladies team.

Without further ado, they immediately presented the best choice which is the ruler of the APAC Valorant ladies scene, Celeste who later named Kaguya. Under the leadership of Nabbsky, RRQ Valorant ladies are certainly ready to make new history in the competitive Game Changers scene.

Unfortunately, one of the main pillars of the previous team, Enerii refused to join RRQ. Even so, they have found the right choice to complete the new formation of RRQ Valorant ladies for various upcoming events.

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Credits: Alter Ego Esports

Who will complete the RRQ Valorant ladies division roster?

Recruiting a new trainer, RRQ Valorant ladies are ready for action at VCT Game Changers APAC 2023

The announcement regarding the renewal of the RRQ Valorant ladies roster was announced on Thursday (2/3) with the presence of coaches, managers and complementary players for Kaguya’s team line-up which was previously brought in with only 4 people.

RRQ Valorant ladies will be coached by trainer from USA Daniel “Ducky D” Duong, someone who is quite experienced in the American Game Changers scene. DuckyD is a man of mixed USA-Vietnamese nationality who has coached the ladies’ team, XSET.

Credit: DuckyD

In addition to the presence of the coach, former coach of the PUBG Mobile RRQ division, Frenchie was asked to become the manager of the RRQ Valorant ladies division. Previously, Frenchie’s position had been replaced by Nougat, the new coach of the PUBG Mobile RRQ division.

And finally, there is an additional player with the nickname Bes. Bes or Karla is one of the newest debutants in the competitive Valorant scene.

They will make their debut with other teams in the VCT Game Changers APAC 2023 tournament which will take place in March. Hopefully, with this new lineup, it can provide the best results for the RRQ Team.

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