Finally, the explanation behind the postponement of the RRQ vs AURA match was revealed!

The RRQ vs AURA Fire match on Saturday (18/3) caused an uproar throughout the social media world and the entire MLBB community in Indonesia. The heated debate of all elements is still being observed sticking out on all social media platforms.

So far, there has been no definite explanation regarding the incident that happened to the RRQ vs AURA match until finally the match was temporarily postponed. Even though the chronology explains that a technical error occurred, fans still need answers.

The management of AURA spoke up and provided clarification on what happened behind the match against RRQ last night, until finally this afternoon he ended his statement. It still doesn’t answer the curiosity of the fans.

Starting from the leaking mic factor, to leaking communications that spread in all directions to dragging unrelated parties, everything is still a mystery.

Until finally, on Sunday (19/5) afternoon during the Rebellion Zion vs Alter Ego match, MPL ID released the true incident. What are you curious about? Check out the following reviews.

The actual chronology behind the RRQ vs AURA match

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Credit: ONE Esports

Through the MPL ID Instagram account, a clarification message as well as a chronology was explained behind the postponement of the RRQ vs AURA match, Saturday (18/3) evening.

To all elements, MPL ID confirmed that a technical error was the main factor in the RRQ vs AURA match being temporarily postponed.

“To the MPL ID community, we would like to clarify regarding the postponement of the match between RRQ and AURA Fire which occurred on March 18 2023 due to sound and equipment leak problems,” wrote MPL ID.

Furthermore, they also explained a number of chronologies of events that occurred during the long pause during which MPL ID had tried to overcome, fixing a fatal technical error.

  • There is broken circuit and affect communication system mixers. This causes Clayyy’s in-game voice leak to other RRQ headset players and makes the game confusing in the end. There isn’t any communication leaks to other teams.
  • Once done investigationconfirmed that broken mixers become main cause of leaks.
  • Spare mixer failed to arrive at the venue on time. Therefore, the decision made is postpone the match based on league rules. League soon contact both teams For informed of this incident.
  • Happen miscommunication with the AURA team which leaves them confused by the decision match postponement. League fully responsible against it.

“MPL Indonesia’s decision to postpone the match is solely to ensure that the two teams have a fair arena to compete in. MPL Indonesia upholds professionalism and sportsmanship as well as excellence in providing the best viewing experience for its fans.”

Credit: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

“MPL Indonesia is coordinating with the two teams to finalize the date for the second game between AURA vs RRQ (1-0). The league has also carried out strict tests on the new mixer to ensure this will not happen again,” concluded the MPL ID.

Hopefully with this information, there will be no more wild speculations that will make matters worse regarding the postponement of the RRQ vs AURA match.

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