Watch out for Greendent’s powers!

Greedent managed to make a brilliant debut in Week 4 of the Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 SEA where the Pokemon Trainers brought games that were no less exciting during the match week.

Until now, Greendent has rarely been the choice of trainers in several regional leagues. Many teams even prefer other Pokemon such as Snorlax, Slowbro to Mammoswine.

The unique gameplay is Greendent’s strength

Compared to other defensive type Pokemon, Greedent has a unique characteristic where it can infiltrate the enemy’s back line and attack them.

This type of play is certainly very unusual for a defensive-type Pokemon as they are more likely to defend their own team’s line of defense.

Above all, this Pokemon is far superior to other intruder Pokemon, namely Sableye and Scyther, thanks to its natural strength and the way it defends. When the draft used goes perfectly, this Pokemon is very difficult to deal with.

It takes great teamwork and other criteria such as a Pokemon with the ability to stun and burst damage to hit Greedent.

Greedent has been absent from the Pokemon UNITE META for quite some time since some teams rarely include it in drafts.

However, after this, of course there will be many other opportunities for Greedent to appear in Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 SEA.

Team MYS and Renaissance proved Greendent’s superiority

It was Team MYS that brought out Greedent when they faced ESCAPE V, including him in their draft in the second and third games.

Used by NightmewFoxy, the fans then remembered how messy this Pokemon could get if it wasn’t taken care of properly. Even in any team rotation, NightmewFoxy managed them well in both games.

It can be seen that in the second and third games, ESCAPE V was so overwhelmed by the draft Pokemon of their opponent’s choice.

Of course this is not the end of the emergence of Greendent. Renaissance also followed a similar pattern when hosting Rise on the same day.

Used by Kamiru, the pokemon’s strength when doing Zoning is extraordinary in several team fights. In the same fate as ESCAPE V, Rise was also overwhelmed when facing Kamiru during the game.

Both MYS and Renaissance won their battles thanks to this Pokemon. After a successful debut in the SEA division, will Greendent appear in the East Asia division or even in India later? Let’s wait.

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