We have a way for you to be better at playing MLBB.

Being good at playing MLBB isn’t just a matter of being good at understanding the game. In order to fully and optimally master MLBB, we must be able to master game macros, hero abilities, and much more.

Even so, the basic thing for being good at playing MLBB is mastering all the buttons and interfaces on the screen. When we have memorized everything, of course maximizing the hero and everything in the game is much easier.

Map and Lane Mobile Legends, Land of Dawn
Credit: Moonton

In the past, maybe players didn’t have the choice to maximize the placement of the buttons on MLBB. However, since a year ago, Moonton has given players the option to be able to move it around to change the button size.

Maybe many are aware of this feature, but not all think about it or make full use of it. Even though simple things like setting button placements can make you even better at playing MLBB.

Want to be good at playing MLBB, here’s how to set the button placement

Then how do you change the button placement settings in order to be good at playing MLBB? It’s actually very easy, but it’s a bit undetectable for players who are lazy to dig into, let alone enter the game settings.

Good at playing MLBB
source: MLBB

So the way to get there setting the button placement is like this:

  • Enter the settings page from the main screen
  • Select the interface column
  • In interface settings, select custom UI
  • Adjust the location and size of the button, folder, or pop up as desired.

Usually many pro players take advantage of this feature to be better at playing MLBB, especially junglers. Most commonly they enlarge the retribution button to be more on-point.

MLBB placement settings
Source: MLBB

Then how do you avoid the hassle of having to keep changing placements? There is a choice of certain heroes, even all heroes if indeed you do the default settings for all available options.

So are you ready to become better at playing MLBB with your newest button placement settings?

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