Let’s meet Gekko, the 22nd Agent of Valorant.

The newest Valorant agent, Gekko was revealed as an agent with the sixth Initiator role. Appearing colorful, he has a unique skill.

Gekko is known as one of the leaders of a dangerous ‘crew’. He has many abilities to scout and use various utilities to conquer opponents on the battlefield.

As the 22nd Valorant agent, Gekko has various abilities such as blinding flash, subduing opponents. Apart from that he also has a special grenade and a ‘special assistant’ who helps plant and defuse for his team.

His unique ability can be used in a short time. Without a long cooldown, Gekko can use his skills again on the battlefield.

Get to know Gekko and all his abilities

Dizzy (E) – Signature Ability

The newest Valorant Agent, Gekko, Agent Gekko, Valorant
Credits: Riot Games

Dizzy, a floating blue creature, is one of Gekko’s utilities. Launching through the air, Dizzy will stab and release plasma blasts at the enemy in front of him. Enemies hit by the attack will experience blindness.

When Dizzy is used, it will turn back into a blue bubble and Gekko can interact through the bubble until Dizzy can be used again.

Wingman (Q)

Credits: Riot Games

Wingman, “Special Assistant” is Yellow. Use Wingman to track enemies on the map. Wingman can create an explosion to the first enemy he finds. Players direct the Wingman to place spikes on the site or defuse them.

In order to plant, Gekko must have Spike. When the Wingman is finished, it transforms into Dizzy and can be used again afterwards.

Mosh Pit (C)

Credits: Riot Games

Mosh, a green ball-shaped creature. Use Mosh like using a grenade. Once Mosh is used, it will multiply and be able to self-detonate.

Thrash (X) – Ultimate

Credits: Riot Games

Thrash, a creature shaped like a shark. Use Thrash to infiltrate the enemy’s defense area. When it hits an enemy, Thrash will explode. Enemies hit by Thrash in a small radius will experience debuffs.

When Thrash finishes using it, he will turn into a bubble. Thrash can be used after a pause and can only be reused once.

After getting to know Gekko’s various abilities, what are your views? Was he any better than Skye? It’s time for the newest controller initiator to steal the spotlight.

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