New name, new excitement for Geek Slate!

Starting MPL ID S11 with poor results, Geek Slate finally showed superiority over their opponent, AURA Fire with a 2-1 win on Saturday (18/2).

Baloyskie cs succeeded in conquering AURA in a fairly fierce battle. Playing without Matt, their new player, the perfect victory was achieved.

Luke, who had been absent, was present and gave his best performance. Another surprise occurred in the second day of MPL ID S11. Geek Slate (formerly known as Geek Fam) made major changes, starting from the name to the roster.

Many fans had doubts about how Geek Slate’s journey would be without their new tactician last season, Ruben Susanto. The joining of a new coach, Renz has turned out to be a positive change so far for the performance of Baloyskie cs.

At least that’s what the three main pillars of Geek Slate Caderaa, ABOY and MATT said during post-match interviews with the media.

So, how big was the motivation to change the team’s name for their career in MPL ID S11? Is there a message or hope of competing under a new name?

Changing fate is a big motivation for the pillars of Geek Slate in MPL ID S11

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Various views were conveyed by the pillars of Geek Slate, Caderaa, ABOY and also MATT when ONE Esports asked about their motivation to play under a new name.

Caderaa stated that the change in the name of the team had a big meaning in changing the fate of their team’s journey, which had been so difficult to penetrate the playoffs.

“In my opinion, maybe the name Geek Fam is already well known as a red zone, right? My hope is that with this name change, we will also be able to change the track record of our career journey at Geek,” said Caderaa.

ABOY also added that changing the name of his team would bring new enthusiasm and great hope if this season Geek could make it to the playoffs.

“The effect (name change) may be a new spirit. We’ve never made it to the playoffs before. Hopefully with this new name we can qualify for the playoffs,” added ABOY.

Having the status of a loan player, Matt also has great hopes of providing the best results for Geek Slate in MPL ID S11. In line with Aboy, Matt hopes that the change in the team name can become a new spirit for him.

Matt, Geek Slate, Geek Fam ID, MPL ID S11, MLBB, Mobile Legends
Credit: Geek Fam ID

“Maybe if I’m excited for the new time, yeah, because I’ve never been at Geek Fam before and when I got a loan (BTR) I changed my name,” he concluded.

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