Learn gameplay and build overpowered Arlott MLBB items from Antimage.

Former pro player and content creator Antimage gave tips on playing Arlott MLBB, including what the gameplay is like and building items. He even called this new Fighter hero one of the overpowered (OP).

Through patch 1.7.58 which was released on February 14 2023, MLBB is back with a new hero named Arlott. It is believed that he will become a new battle in the Ranking and when he can be played in competitive scenes such as MPL in the EXP lane position.

Of the skills you have, you have a lot of things to survive or independently play on the EXP lane, even to become a roamer or jungler because they have lots of stuns.

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

However, as an offlaner, Antimage played more happily and tried to play Arlott in his original position, the EXP lane. He also succeeded in becoming an MVP with KDA 13/5/13, even though it was only in Ranked games and occasionally tried to test the resilience of this hero to fight 1v2 or even more and ended in death.

But broadly speaking, his crowd control skill and HP regen which is quite heavy from his skills make Arlott able to survive well in battle. Especially when there is a team fight, he can really be the difference.

Then what is the gameplay and build items from Antimage that make Arlott so OP? Check out the reviews.

All tips from Antimage for playing Arlott MLBB on the EXP lane

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

Early in the game, Antimage acknowledged that the best battle spell for Arlott was Flicker. But in that game he wanted to try Petrify because he felt he could get the most out of it, especially in 1v1 battles.

Furthermore, Antimage also admits that Arlott has the ability to clear lanes quickly. This is something that a good EXP lane really needs.

According to Antimage, Arlott’s weakness is that he has low mobility in moving from one lane to another. However, the mobility of the hero when he is in a team fight is very high because he has a dash skill that can be directed at opposing units, be it minions or heroes.

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

The thing that Antimage likes most about Arlott is its very high HP regeneration ability. “This hero has high HP regen, even though I don’t have (item) Bloodlust (Axe).”

Apart from high HP regen, he also emphasizes being able to use his second skill, Vengeance, so that he is always on target and can continue to reset his cooldown. When you miss, the hero won’t be able to dash back and can’t do much, especially when it comes to chasing opponents.

In playing, he often uses a second skill combination to hit the enemy before continuing with the first skill and closing with the ultimate. This can make the opponent unable to move much because the last two skills used are crowd control.

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

In terms of item builds, Antimage was hesitant to make Hunter Strike first or Endless Battle. But in the end he chose Hunter Strike because he was in a superior position than his opponent on the EXP lane.

Here’s the build of the Antimage version of the Arlott item:

  • Hunter Strikes,
  • Warrior Booths,
  • Endless Battles,
  • oracles,
  • Antique Cuirass,
  • Immortality/Winter Truncheon

Of the six items, Antimage said that Oracle is a must-have item for Arlott to last longer as a frontliner because it can increase shield absorption, as well as increase HP regen quickly by 30% through the item’s unique passive, Bless.

“This Arlott is thick, sick, and has a stun. Don’t see the damage. Using Oracle is really good. Must. This is what is called a broken hero. You try to build this item, OK?” he said.

Furthermore, Antimage also believes that in the near future, Arlott MLBB will get a nerf from Moonton. Because this hero is considered too OP and this is not good for competition, both in ranked and competitive scenes.

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