The search for the best pillars for the MLBB Indonesia SEA Games 2023 Cambodia national team continues.

The Indonesian MLBB National Team for the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia is currently in the process of National Selection or the initial stage towards Pelatnas which will be held later.

Some of the best players in the competitive scene of MLBB Indonesia have been selected and have gone through a process of psychological tests and medical tests. The MLBB Indonesia national team players, both those who took part in the Vietnam SEA Games 2021 or the IESF WEC 2022 Bali, all took part.

Under the tutelage of Bjorn”Zeys“Ong as the coach of the Indonesian MLBB national team, the names chosen may still increase before the stage for Pelatnas.

And sure enough, two additional names outside of the announcement from PB ESI are Muhammad “Lemons“Ikhsan and Muhammad”Cr1te“Effandy.

In order to maximize the potential of the Indonesian MLBB national team a la Zeys, all pro players are certain to be the target to take part in the National Selection.

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So, who else will be added to the list of players who will take part in the Cambodian MLBB SEA Games 2023 national selection?

Zeys indicated 5 legendary players who might be added to the Indonesian MLBB national team

The 2023 SEA Games Esports National Team Coach, Zeys
Credit: Zeys

Through a live stream on his YouTube channel, Zeys announced that there were 5 additional players who might be needed to take part in the National Selection.

In concocting the best Indonesian MLBB national team for the 2023 Cambodia SEA Games, Zeys has no doubts about opening up opportunities for veteran players who are no longer participating in the MPL.

Several names were mentioned, such as XINNN, Luminaire, (and several other names such as Ferxiic, REKT to Antimage).

Credit: Courtesy of “Luminaire”

“So (there is) a nation (XINNN) at Ihsan’s (Luminaire) house. It’s not just bangsin, guys, there will be 5 players later at Ihsan’s house that I will share. There are 5 players who want to take part in the National Selection, but we don’t know what their strengths are yet,” said Zeys.

Even though they have a good reputation during their careers, Zeys provides quite tough conditions for them to live up to later if they want to enter the National Selection.

Zeys asked the 5 players to face the MPL champion team, ONIC Esports. If you can, then the chances of getting through the National Selection to Pelatnas are not impossible.

“Are they still able to play competitively? Only if they want to advance (to the 2023 Cambodian MLBB SEA Games National Selection) they want to try, go ahead but they have to beat the MPL champion team now,” he concluded.

Indeed, all possibilities are still wide open, and Indonesia will not waste the wide-open opportunity to gain the MLBB SEA Games gold medal.

Here is a list of players likely to be added:

1. Isaiah “XINNNWowiling (Gold Lane)
2. Courtesy “Luminaire” Besari (Mid Lane)
3. FerdiansyahFerxiicKamaruddin (Jungle)
4. LordREKTHidayat (Roamer)
5. Maxhill “AntiimageLeonardo (EXP Lane)

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