European giant, FNATIC managed to prove themselves to be the best Valorant team in the VCT LOCK//IN event which was held in Sao Paolo Brazil, Sunday (5/3). They toppled the home team, LOUD with a dramatic comeback.

The leading European team is undefeated in a single map in the Omega bracket. Achieved a good 9-0 record before reaching the Grand Final round. At the start of their encounter with LOUD, FNATIC really hoped they could win their first VCT trophy after securing two maps and performing brilliantly.

LOUD didn’t just give up, winning the next two maps they managed to even the score 2-2. Things got worse for FNATIC when they fell behind in the decider map, Icebox by 11-3.

However, the European giants managed to make a dramatic comeback by winning a total of 9 rounds.

FNATIC ended their victory in Sao Paolo on a sweet note. Ending the comeback with a score of 14-12 in overtime.

Apart from winning the title, the team from Europe secured a slot to the VCT Masters Tokyo and they also brought US$100 thousand in cash.

FNATIC dethrone LOUD to win their first LAN title

FNATIC, VCT 2023, Valorant
Credit: FNATIC Valorant

LOUD started at Ascent, with an all-time 20-1 unbeaten record.

Regardless of these results, FNATIC managed to send LOUD topsy-turvy. As a defense team, they managed to suppress LOUD and surprised many fans with a 13-8 win on LOUD’s flagship map.

leo”Leo” Jannesson performed very well on his first international debut, bringing his team with various important and crucial clutches. He is the MVP on the Ascent map, with no other player scoring a KDA 23/12/13 according to vlr. gg.

At 6-6 in the second map, Fracture. FNATIC then took control of the game when they switched to defense.

The EMEA representative dispelled LOUD during spike installation for five consecutive rounds. FNATIC also did a good job of retaking the final round, forcing the LOUD players to stay away from the site.

Realizing they were far behind, LOUD managed to reply in the third map, Split, the second map of their choice.

In the 15th round, Erick “AspasSantos managed to dodge Cypher’s Trapwire, hitting the enemy from behind. This good result led them to win their first map with a score of 13-9.

In the fourth map, Lotus, LOUD managed to make adjustments to block FNATIC’s attacks in the mid round. They managed to reverse the situation where Felipe “Less” Basso became the savior to spoil the enemy’s scheme with a surprise attack.

LOUD used a good defensive line with Killjoy and Viper, managed to perform brilliantly in the second half as a defense team. The two agents overwhelmed Boaster cs when they attacked the site with a two molly setup.

The lively roar of the crowd made LOUD even more motivated and leveled the score with a score of 13-8 after the victory in the Lotus map.

Credit; Riot Games

LOUD doesn’t waste a golden opportunity on the decisive map in Icebox. When attacking, the Brazilian giants led 9-3 in the first half. They then continued to attack and took the lead until the score was 11-3.

The next moment was a big miracle for FNATIC. Boaster cs managed to win nine rounds in a row. LOUD’s defense is full of loopholes and they take control as a team that becomes the attacker.

The Brazilian fans cheered again after LOUD won in the 24th round forcing the grand final into overtime.

FNATIC star Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev has taken his team one step closer to the title. Secured three critical kills with the Operator when LOUD attacked the B site.

In the final round, FNATIC attacked the B site in full force. The setup that was quite good and the way they attacked perfectly finally became a sweet ending in the VCT LOCK//IN tournament as the winner.

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