PBIQ Day 2 Grand Finals

The PBIQ Day 2 Grand Final gave its own historical color to the circles esports in Indonesia. The scuffles and blood spilled added to the intensity of the fight this time. Losing and winning is a matter of endless debate.

Each spectator supports his favorite team and cheers for it. One party is trying to give up its victory, while the other party is still anxiously following match after match.

With a strategic shuffle chart that has been compiled by Zepetto4 PBIQ teams were careful in carrying out the battle today, after previously The other 4 teams had already lost on the battlefield.

Who are these four teams and what are the results of the battle? Check it out!

Four PBIQ Teams in the PBIQ Grand Final Day 2

PBIQ Team (Point Blank Indonesia Qualifier) ​​on The PBIQ Day 2 Grand Final was followed by ThePrime NOKI GnR, Epic HD21 GnR, Royal Esport Raftel, and Release Trapezoid GnR MRCL.

Of these four teams, one team will win 3rd place and the other two teams will enter the final round. Meanwhile, another team inevitably had to accept defeat.

PBIQ Team Expertise in the PBIQ Grand Final Day 2

The audience was warmly welcomed by the match between ThePrime NOKI GnR and Epic HD21 GnR. ThePrime NOKI GnR had to suffer a crushing defeat after Epic HD21 GnR managed to collect a perfect 5:0 points at the start of the match. At the determining point in the session change side, Epic HD21 GnR only needs one more point to enter the Final round.

A few minutes after the match took place, ThePrime NOKI GnR managed to collect 2 points which further added to the concerns of the Epic HD21 GnR team. However, while trying to control himself, Epic HD21 GnR added 1 point to his points coffers. Therefore, Epic HD21 GnR officially declared entry into the Finals.

It continued with the match between Royal Esport Raftel and Release Trapezoid GnR MRCL. The remaining one slot to the Final will be contested by these two teams. Which team will take on Epic HD21 GnR in the Finals?

Royal Esport Raftel succeeded in defeating Release Trapezoid GnR MRCL with a score of 5:2. The same victory was also successfully obtained Royal Esport Raftel who have earned clutches on one against three. And officiallyRoyal Esport Raftel against Epic HD21 GnR in the Final round on Sunday, November 29 2020.

Then what about the position of 3rd place? Today’s match closed with action from Release Trapezoid GnR MRCL and ThePrime NOKI GnR. Without any perfect attack from the Release Trapezoid GnR MRCL team, ThePrime NOKI GnR also won 5:0 in matches this time.

It only takes one more point on the session change side for ThePrime NOKI GnR won 3rd place. Shortly after the game started again, ThePrime NOKI GnR scored a winning point which made Release Trapezoid GnR MRCL lose badly in this round.

PBIQ Day 2 Grand Finals

Thank you to the Release Trapezoid GnR MRCL team who have fought it out so far. You are great! Troopers Of course, looking forward to your actions and victories at events next.

And for the team ThePrime NOKI GnR, Cheers and congratulations! For Royal Esport Raftel and Epic HD21 GnR, we can’t wait for your action in the Final round. Is not it, troopers? Keep watching official YouTube channel Zepetto so you no missed it.