Let’s get acquainted with the Santino Free Fire character!

Later, the Santino Free Fire character was released by Garena along with the Booyah Pass in February 2023.

Santino’s character in Free Fire is a famous fashion designer Angelic. Has an eccentric look with hats and clothes and accessories all over his body.

Uniquely, the Santino Free Fire character has very interesting skills. Related to work as a fashion designer, Santino’s skills are related to mannequins.

This human replica mannequin or doll can be used by Santino Free Fire characters to be able to trick enemies in long/close combat.

Then, what is the explanation about Santino’s character in Free Fire? Check out the following reviews.

Get to know the Santino Free Fire character: Basic skills, and in-game skill combinations

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The Santino Free Fire character has a skill called Shape Splitter (splitting). When Santino’s skill is active, he will present a mannequin that will be silent for 12 seconds and Santino can make any movement before returning to the mannequin.

This skill is indeed better known as a trick/teleport move where Santino can easily and at any time return to the mannequin under certain conditions.

Santino’s character skills in Free Fire are indeed very unique compared to other characters. However, players must be careful to place the mannequin in a safe place.

If not, then you can be attacked even though you have teleported from the initial location to the location where the mannequin is hiding.

Santino Free Fire character skill combination


For rusher players, you can use the combined skills of Santino – Kelly – Jota – Caroline.

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Credit: Garena Free Fire Indonesia

Playing in a team, the rusher role is certainly very much needed. So, if you use Santino, you can use Kelly’s skill to increase your running speed. Caroline can also increase player speed with Shotgun weapons. At the end, Jota’s character can heal 20% after fighting an enemy.


For support players, you can use a combination of skills Santino – Kelly – JBiebs – Andrew

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The difference with the first skill, with support mode you can be more resilient. Andrew’s skill can help you reduce enemy damage effects.

The JBiebs character can block damage by 12% with the enemy’s EP so that it is more effectively used by role support players.

The two modes above can be used as needed or you may have a different concoction with the Santino Free Fire character.

Hopefully, with Santino Free Fire’s character, you can use the new META both competitively and non-competitively, survivors!

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