Prepare yourselves for the Free Fire SEA Invitational 2023!

Garena officially presents a new tournament scene called Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI) which will be held in May 2023, Friday (24/2).

The Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI) was appointed as a new mid-season tournament to replace the position of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS).

However, the presence of the Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI) does not necessarily remove FFWS from the Free Fire Esports rundown. FFWS which was originally held 2 times in 2022, was replaced as an agenda at the end of 2023.

A model similar to the Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI) has been held under various names, from FFAI, FFCS to FFAC. However, it seems that it will carry a different concept from the tournaments.

Free Fire SEA Invitational, date details, participating teams and location

EVOS Phoenix, Thai Free Fire Team, Free Fire
Credit: Garena

As explained by Garena, the winner (champion team) of FFML Season 7 has the right to get a ticket to FFSI later. Even though the exact number of teams is not spelled out, it is likely that the top 3 or top 4 scheme will still be Garena’s decision.

The Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI) will be held in May 2023 with a date that is still a secret or will be announced later. Interestingly, FFSI will last for 3 weeks and it is not certain whether it will run online/offline.

The Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI) brought together 18 teams from the following regions:

  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnamese
  • MCPS (Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore)
  • MENA (Middle East & Africa)
  • Taiwan
  • Pakistan

The location for the implementation is still uncertain because the format of the tournament is still unclear whether it will be held online/offline.

Meanwhile, the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) will still be held at the end of 2023 to be precise in November with details explained later.

Hopefully with the new format of this international tournament, it can increase the enthusiasm of the teams representing each region to become the next World Champion.

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