ONIC Prodigy is the strongest MDL ID S7 team at the moment.

ONIC Prodigy is not a team that counts in MDL ID. During the six seasons running, Hedgehog Junior has never shown anything really special.

As part of an organization whose MLBB division is very strong in MPL, ONIC Prodigy as if not getting an injection of energy from ONIC Esports, which in the last three seasons has won twice and reached three consecutive grand finals.

This team also rarely lowers its MPL pillars to help MDL, even those who promoted were only active at the start of MDL, namely in seasons 1, 2 and 3.

Increasingly here, they entrust more to young players whose names may not have been heard of. The performance was mediocre, until finally at the MDL ID S7, a breakthrough was made.

ONIC Prodigy still believes in young people

At MDL ID S7, no one pays too much attention to ONIC Prodigy. Their roster now has a lot more, last season’s players are still being maintained, let’s say Vi Mornov who changed his nickname to Nnael. Yura is still the mainstay of the midlane, as well as Deee and Nazrill.

But new roamer Owennn really gives the team the energy it deserves. They also brought in Lutpi, Buoy, Sasr and Taka as options.

Guided by experienced trainer Lionheart and talented young analyst Erpang, Hedgehog Young’s early journey was truly special at the start of the season.

How could they not, four consecutive wins with a landslide score of 2-0 they found. Aggressive, neat, convincing performance, and a broad hero pool are also shown.

Even though there are many foreign names, their chemistry is like a team that has been together for a long time. ONIC Prodigy are now at the top of the Group A standings and are the only team so far that hasn’t lost a single game.

3 reasons ONIC Prodigy is suddenly strong

ONIC Prodigy skyrocketed not without reason. ONE Esports had the opportunity to interview the team’s analyst, Erpang. This bespectacled figure explains several reasons why his team is so superior at the moment, even though it was not taken into account at first.

Never winning has made ONIC Prodigy certainly want to rise from adversity. Erpang admitted that several players from last season from ONIC who were still holding out really wanted to achieve this target.

Credit: ONIC Esports

“Old kids like Nnael, Yura, Dee, and Nazril are hungry to win, so it has an effect on the new kids too,” he said exclusively regarding the first reason.

At ONIC Prodigy MDL ID S7, the coaching staff is completely new. Lionheart as coach plus Erpang, and it is believed that there will be one more staff member making ONIC Prodigy more diverse in terms of tactics and plans.

Source: ONIC

“The coaching staff is more well prepared for each game because there are three of us now,” he said.

Uniting goals, understanding each other, and giving the best is what this junior ONIC is trying to do now.

Source: ONIC

“We work as a team, from players, coaches, managers and management to support each other for the success of MDL Season 7,” he concluded.

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