Welcome back, ex-EVOS Divine rosters!

Rumors regarding the ex-roster EVOS Divine coming back to FFML Season 7 have finally been answered. After some time the FFML Season 7 transfer window was opened, they have all found a ‘new home’ for the remainder of the competitive season.

As we know, the old EVOS Divine roster has been the important pillars behind the golden age of EVOS for the last 2 years. Under the hands of SAM13, MR05, Kenzoo, ABU and Street they managed to win glory in both FFML and FFIM.

EVOS Divine
Kenzoo no longer a part of EVOS Divine? | Credit: ONE Esports

Unfortunately, success in their own country is not in line with the hopes of embracing the world title for the second time. For almost 2 years, Manay as coach was unable to bring EVOS to win the world title even with a new roster.

EVOS Esports, SAM13, MR05, EVOS Divine, Free Fire
Credit: EVOS Esports

A big and unanimous decision was finally agreed upon by various parties within EVOS Divine so that in the end, stars like SAM13, MR05, ABU and Kenzoo left the White Tiger squad to carve their own paths.

EVOS Divine ex-roster comeback! SAM13 and ABU to DEWA United, MR05 to SES Alfaink

MR05, SES MR05, SES Alfaink, FFML Season 7, Free Fire
Credit: FF Esports ID

Announcement regarding the comeback of the EVOS Divine ex-roster was announced on Wednesday (15/3). For the first time, the deadly duo MR05 and SAM13 played on different teams. Regi”MR05” Pratama was recruited by SES Alfaink, former champion of FFML Season 6 Division 1.

The presence of MR05 is believed to be a differentiating factor where he is ready to lead the young talents of SES Alfaink to win the FFML title again this season. It is possible that Geday’s IGL role will move into his hands while playing as a rusher.

Meanwhile his partner the legendary captain, Saeful”SAM13” Muharrom joined DEWA United Esports with his colleague and close friend, Abu”ASH” Sofiyan who was recruited the previous day, Tuesday (14/3).

The presence of SAM13 is considered important enough to boost DEWA United Esports’ position which is under threat in the red zone of the standings. ABU, as a reliable rusher, is known to be recovering from an injury that had made him vacuum.

ABU, DEWA Abu, DEWA United Esports, FFML Season 7, Free Fire
Credit: DEWA United Esports

The deadly duet of SAM13 and ABU can also be paired with various well-known pillars of DEWA, ​​for example, Renzz to Ikyyy. Hopefully this step will be the right decision for DEWA United to shine in FFML Season 7.

There is actually one player left, namely Riki”KenzooWando. It has not been confirmed whether Kenzoo is interested in returning to the competitive scene in Free Fire or prefers to remain in a vacuum until an unspecified time.

The entire ex-EVOS Divine roster, both MR05 or SAM13 and ABU, was loaned (on loan) to their respective new teams. That’s because they are still part of EVOS as Talent after being pulled from the competitive scene.

The presence of the EVOS Divine ex-roster will also add to the heat of competition at the FFML Season 7 level which has entered the mid-season. Hopefully they in the new team are able to make a significant impact towards the championship throne.

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