Aether’s younger sibling, EVOS Veldora will make his professional debut with Icon.

EVOS Veldora is one of the names that appears on the EVOS Icon roster at MDL ID S7. A name that is actually familiar to MLBB fans, especially those who often watch live player RRQ Hoshi.

Veldora is a top global “ranked thug” who usually joins the parties of big-name pro players. At first he was known because he was often in Xinnn’s party every live stream.

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Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Investigate a calibaration, the 16-year-old player whose real name is Kenley Nathaniel Zefanya turned out to be the younger sibling of former jungler RRQ Hoshi and Sena, Aether.

This is not the first time brothers and sisters have stepped into the competitive scene. The most obvious examples are Funi and Chincaaw in the ladies scene with GPX, as well as the twins Maxx and Matt who have both tasted the MPL stage until now.

EVOS Veldora is ready to step over his brother

Aether was once considered one of the most special talents in the Indonesian MLBB scene last year. His debut with RRQ Sena was so special that he even got the title of successor to Alberttt.

Unfortunately, when he was promoted to MPL and got the chance to play, he failed to give his best. His flying hours plummeted and he was returned to Sena.

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RRQ SENA | Credit: ONE Esports

The huge pressure on a team as big as RRQ Hoshi is believed to be unstoppable for the player. Until now, Aether is no longer on the RRQ roster.

EVOS Veldora certainly doesn’t want the same fate. as a ranked thug who had brought EVOS Academy champion in the tier B tournament against MDL teams, his capacity is not in doubt.

Aether as her sister must have also given advice so that Veldora’s fate would not be the same as hers. Moreover, Kenn’s steps are not easy to see if he wants to promote there are three experienced EXP Laners in Saykots, Pendragon, and Dlar that must be passed.

At the EVOS roster announcement event where EVOS Veldora was introduced, ONE Esports asked EVOS Icon coach Caleb about the player’s potential.

This former EVOS LYNX trainer confirmed that EVOS Veldora and Douma, who is a former EVOS Academy, have enormous talent.

Caleb, EVOS Veldora
Source: ONE Esports

“Yesterday we had a trial and the EVOS academy was prioritized. We have practiced a lot with Veldora and Douma, we think they are the best to enter the EVOS Icon,” he said exclusively.

“If you look at the scrim results and the fact he is on the Icon roster, it is definitely very strong. It’s just a matter of proving what he’s like at the MDL stage,” he added.

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