Looks different! EVOS Divine officially recruits Alethaa into the roster.

EVOS Divine is enjoying their success in winning the top of the FFML Season 7 standings in week 2, Sunday (12/3). Taking advantage of the transfer market that has been opened, they also make changes to the roster.

When the former children of his care have chosen their new home, Manay as a coach chooses not to worry about the strength of the opponent later. He chose to strengthen the roster in his own way as an experienced coach.

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Even though they still have a long way to go, EVOS Divine remains one of the FFML Season 7 champion candidates. The anticlimax that occurred last season no longer wants Manay to ‘fast for titles’ with her current team.

Many new names are currently on the transfer market and Manay can bring in players who have experience on the FFML stage in previous seasons. But as already explained, he did not want to bother with the strength of the opponent.

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Then, Manay as a coach decided to bring ladies players to the main stage of FFML Season 7 as well as becoming the first ladies roster in EVOS Divine.

EVOS Divine officially introduces Alethaa to the roster

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On Thursday (16/3) afternoon, EVOS Divine announced the presence of Sharen “Aletha” Natacha is on their roster for FFML Season 7. Alethaa is an IGL as well as a fairly experienced player in the ladies Free Fire scene so far.

She is IGL from EVOS Luna, the Free Fire ladies team from the White Tiger squad. They are currently in an off-season period where all the players are still playing in various 3rd party tournaments from various organizers.

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Together with Alethaa, EVOS Luna has achieved several important achievements. One of them is the FFML Ladies title in 2022. Apart from FFML Ladies, several major 3rd party tournaments have also become part of their achievements.

For example, some time ago they won the DGWIB tournament and the tournament held by UPoint Esports, cementing EVOS Luna’s dominance in the ladies Free Fire scene even with a new roster change.

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Alethaa is not the first female player on the FFML stage, previously there was Ploo, the former RRQ manager who had been made a roster as well as Mutia from OPI Griffin.

However, Manay certainly has strong reasons to bring Alethaa to the roster. You could say this is a good surprise where Alethaa could be part of the new history of EVOS Divine as the first female player to lift the FFML Season 7 trophy later.

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For the past two weeks, Alethaa has always been present at the FFML arena at Studio Sepat 72. It is possible that Manay has planned for Alethaa as a female player in FFML Season 7 this season.

Especially now that EVOS Divine’s roster is in its best performance, Alethaa’s presence will not be a gap for Divine in the rest of the season. Hopefully, this change will bring new history and the FFML Season 7 title into the hands of the White Tigers.

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