PBIQ Day 3 Grand Finals

The Grand Final of PBIQ Day 3 closed with the awesomeness of 2 spectacular teams namely Epic HD21 GnR and Royal Esport Raftel, who had fought previously in first day and second. The action of these two teams is certainly the thing we look forward to the most. Sunday, November 29 2020 is the time to decide, will history record a new story or will it stay the same?

The answer depends on each team, whether they are able to exert all their strength in this battle or let the enemy take the big opportunities that are in sight. The answer also depends on the support from troopers at home, is he able to support his favorite team wisely without dropping the opposing team or not.

It is a common truth that we know that the Epic HD21 GnR won twice in a row during 2019. Will 2020 be the year of Epic or the year of Royal? Come on, continue reading if you’re curious, okay? troopers!

Profile of the 2020 PBIQ Team Entering the Grand Final Day 3

Before we find out the results of the Day 3 PBIQ (Point Blank Indonesia Qualifier) ​​Grand Final, let’s get acquainted with the members of this great team.

From the Epic HD21 GnR team: Yusuf Hamid (Elcrush) from Jakarta aged 25, Seno Muhammad (Magic) from Jakarta aged 19, M. Iqbal Sungkar (MNDHUNTER) from Cikarang aged 27, Pradipta Landry Favian (5RFWII) from Cikarang aged 23 years old, and Muhammad Hilal (Bazry) from Purwakarta is 21 years old.

From the Royal Esport Raftel team: Muhammad Rizky Fadillah (RZKY) from Samarinda, 18 years old, Muhammad Hergiansyah (EMPX) from Jakarta, 24 years old, M. Haekal Alfiandi (Mythical + Nasha) from Jakarta, 22 years old, Wiwin (Slclutch) from Jakarta 18 years old, and Febry Yohan (Aleshatazkia) from Jakarta is 24 years old.

1st Place from the PBIQ Team in the PBIQ Grand Final Day 3

Still with the same conditions as PBJL (Point Blank Junior League) and PBLL (Point Blank Ladies League), these two teams must win 2 matches according to the chart made by Zepetto. Strong persistence accompanies Epic HD21 GnR in starting matches. Good things happen. Epic HD21 GnR managed to compete with Royal Esport Raftel with a temporary score of 5:0.

On session change sideonly 1 point is needed by Epic HD21 GnR to secure folder first. Time is running out and Royal Esport Raftel has managed to bag 3 points for him. And who would have thought that with the position of Epic HD21 GnR 2 against 3, it turned out to be able to score 1 point and make it the winner in this first game.

Like a tireless warrior, Epic HD21 GnR once again won the match by successfully achieving a temporary score of 5:4. With a very narrow score difference, Royal Esport Raftel was able to catch up with Epic HD21 GnR so that the two of them were on an even score in the final minutes of the match.

One determining point, will Epic HD21 GnR or Royal Esport Raftel get it? And miraculously, Magic saved Epic HD21 GnR and become first place at PBIQ 2020. Congratulations to the Epic HD21 GnR team!

Congratulations also to the Royal Esport Raftel team who won second place and to the ThePrime NOKI GnR team who had already won third place.

Those are the results of the PBIQ Day 3 Grand Final. Even in the midst of a pandemic, events This was possible because of the support from many parties, in particular troopers at home. Good luck looking forward to the next tournament next year.