Conquering all opponents, Elga “Elgacor” Cahya Putra wins the IESF WEC 2022 eFootball trophy for Indonesia!

The IESF WEC 2022 eFootball branch has ended with Elga “Elgacor” Cahya Putra, Indonesia’s representative, becoming the champion after defeating Argentina with a score of 3-0.

This final match was a rematch match between Indonesia and Argentina at the IESF WEC 2022 eFootball after previously meeting in the upper bracket final.

The momentum of victory after victory that has been built by Elga Cahya as a representative for the Indonesian National Team is truly extraordinary.

Conquering opponent after opponent, Elga’s confidence soared to bring the title to Indonesia.

Without a hitch, Elga hit Ray Mollina with a landslide score and this victory was even more perfect for Indonesia as the IESF WEC 2022 eFootball champion.

Overthrowing Argentina 3-0, Indonesia lifts the IESF WEC 2022 eFootball trophy

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Credit; PB ESI

Playing in the final round, both Indonesia and Argentina used the same team, namely Bayern Munich. The same team certainly gives the same player stats.

However, this did not affect Elga’s mentality. Armed with the momentum he has built from the previous match, he is ready to complete Indonesia’s victory in the IESF WEC 2022 eFootball event.

The first match was passive at the start, Elga managed to score a goal in the 26th minute. Entering the second half, Indonesia added another goal in the 52nd minute.

Argentina managed to reply in the 62nd minute, but Elga again scored the third goal in the 78th minute leading the score 3-1 until the end of the first match.

Entering the second match, Elga managed to score a quick goal in the 13th minute to open Indonesia’s lead in the first round. Hungry for goals, Elga’s fast pass again led to a goal in the 24th minute to make Indonesia 2-0 ahead.

Elgacor went crazy, the long pass he made again sent Argentina into a tailspin and the third goal returned in the 35th minute to make Indonesia progress.

The second half was quite passive, a red card was given to Argentina. Without reply, Indonesia won 2-0 over Argentina in the second match.

Entering the third match, Elgacor’s tiki-taka jackpot again resulted in a quick goal in the 4th minute. As an opponent, Argentina is not aware of this.

A pure goal was not disallowed, Argentina equalized at 1-1 with the ultimate goal in the 10th minute. The two of them then played quite fiercely, buying and selling attacks were carried out but both of them closed the first half with a draw.

Entering the second half, the winning momentum was on Elga’s side as the second goal was born in the 55th minute. Complete the victory, again and again Elgacor hit the jackpot with the third goal in the 64th minute.

Argentina almost ran out of tactics and enthusiasm to dispel Indonesia’s victory, Elgacor really went crazy for a 3-0 victory.

Credit: PB ESI

He shared the momentum of Indonesia’s victory with his coach, Adyatma “Ady_Qwa” when the second half’s long whistle sounded.

In a post-match interview with hosts Clara “Mongstar” and Darius “Drew”, Elga stated that he dedicates the victory and title to Indonesia and also to all his friends and all who have supported him so far.

Credit: PB ESI

“I dedicate this title to Indonesia, and also to my friends, family and all those who have supported me so far,” said Elga.

With Elga’s victory, Indonesia has won 2 wins after the DOTA 2 national team managed to seal victory against the Philippines.

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