The ECHO roster for the new season hasn’t changed at all.

The ECHO roster for MPL PH S11 has been announced. As the strongest MLBB team in the universe right now, people are naturally curious about whether there has been a change from ECHO after winning the M4 World Championship.

Perfection is the most appropriate word for ECHO today. They really were on-fire at M4 and proved the quality of being the most feared team. Defeating all the strong Indonesian teams and slaughtering Blacklist International in the grand final is proof.

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Even having the title of world champion did not make the ECHO employees satisfied. It’s understandable seeing most of their players are still very young with great fighting spirit.

With the MPL PH S11 rolling out, what about the ECHO roster? As predicted, no changes at all occurred to the lineup.

The desire is still great, the world champion ECHO roster is maintained

In the announcement of the ECHO roster, only a few changes occurred. The five best players were retained, namely Sanford, Sanji, Yawi, KarlTzy and BennyQT. Plus trainer TicTac and his assistant Trebor.

The only new player present was Jian. A talented young player who has been in the organization since he was 15 years old.

Having a position as a fighter, Jian is expected to make Sanford work harder with competitors. A figure who was previously more active as a content creator will make his season debut.

Seeing before that Sanford’s position was similar to Jian and was able to replace 3MarTzy as the main EXP, did this happen again in season 11?

ECHO could have broken records

There is a unique tradition that happens to M Series champions. Usually, after the winner, the team appears under the form in the next MPL.

Source: ONE Esports

Since M1 to M3, there has never been an MPL winner after lifting the M Series trophy. Even specifically for M2 and M3 when the Philippine team won, Bren Esports and Blacklist International failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Because of that ECHO has a big challenge in MPL PH S11. They have the potential to break the above record just by qualifying for the playoffs. If the second record winner will be successfully achieved.

Credit: ONE Esports

Seeing the potential and strength of the ECHO roster which is still so terrible, plus the perfect chemistry of the five players with above average micro abilities, this opportunity is huge.

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