Duo SAM13 and Abu made an impressive debut with DEWA United in FFML Season 7!

The presence of duo SAM13 and Abu Strengthening DEWA United Esports in FFML Season 7 is one of the most successful purchases this season. Unmitigated, DEWA United’s prowess was seen on Friday (17/3) as they wrapped up two booyahs as well as boosted their position from the abyss of the standings.

Indeed, there is great hope that the presence of duo SAM13 and Abu will be able to make DEWA United a respected team at the FFML Season 7 level. It has been almost 2 years that they have been trying to climb the highest competitive scene in Free Fire Indonesia.

Duo SAM13 and also Abu who is a former champion/major champion brings a different aura to DEWA United. It can be seen from how brilliant the execution and movement patterns are concocted by the coach, KidSR proves that there is great potential that has just been seen from DEWA United.

What will DEWA United’s game be like with the presence of the deadly duo SAM13 and also Abu in FFML Season 7? Check out the following reviews.

The duo SAM13 and Abu, bringing DEWA United, performed brilliantly in FFML Season 7

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Credits: SAM13, DEWA United, ONE Esports

Playing from the direction of Mill in Bermuda, the duo SAM13 and Abu led their partners to move towards the Peak holding a mansion on the slopes above the Peak. The command from SAM13 made all DEWA United players more alert.

The hot battle occurred in the Peak area in the middle from the left side of the Milky Way, making the DEWA United team try to enter at the right time. They didn’t want to waste the opportunity to win the opening BOOYAH that day.

Credit: FF Esports ID

The fourth zone runs and a battle ensues. DEWA United was attacked by ONIC Olympus in their stronghold, all the teams fought each other to kill each other as the zone shrank, including SAM13 and DEWA who were attacked in two directions at once.

Ashes is downed, SAM13 and RAIN contribute heavily in the rest of the fight. ONIC was successfully taken down, leaving Genesis Dogma and RRQ in the rest of the zone. Not bothered, DEWA United immediately crushed all opponents to win the first BOOYAH in Bermuda.

The game in the second game, Purgatory, is not much different. DEWA United took compound at the top of Fields and waited for the right momentum to move. Meanwhile, the other teams were elbowing each other in a bloody battle in the area below the Fields.

Again, on the high side of Fields with 5 teams left, DEWA United again met their nemesis, ONIC Olympus and Tiger Wong. Cornered by a two-way attack, ONIC was later defeated, DEWA United crushed TWE and First Raiders in the end.

The second BOOYAH was won, once again, the positive aura returned to bring DEWA United to prove themselves ready to rise in the rest of the season to compete with other teams.

During the interview after the 2nd match, SAM13 revealed the initial difficulties when he joined DEWA United. One of the big challenges he faces is getting to know his new team-mates so they don’t appear perfect in the scrim.

“What’s certain is that at the beginning the challenge was not knowing the players well, putting together chemistry was really hard too soon to be scrim. But when facing a serious match, all the players will definitely play even more seriously,” said the captain.

Credit: Garena

After a long battle on match day 7 of FFML Season 7, DEWA United managed to score a total of 72 points and their position moved up to 12th place. A promising result, hopefully next week there will be a surprise from Anak DEWA.

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