Swordsman Esports finished off RRQ Sena with two of their PH players.

Swordsman Esports immediately stepped on the gas at MDL ID S7. Starting the tournament against RRQ Sena, two Filipino players who were present at Pendekar appeared on-fire.

3MarTzy and Rafflesia appeared perfect on their debut in Indonesia. They really become the brains of the gameplay of Swordsman Esports.

Warrior Esports, MDL ID S7, MLBB, Mobile Legends
Credit: Swordsman Esports

Supported by the extraordinary mechanical abilities of I Da Man, Baymax, and Speechless who switched roles to become midlaners, Pendekar Esports has proven they are one of the teams to watch out for in MDL.

Beautiful game with perfect macro shown. RRQ Sena, who in terms of experience should have had more, fell down and couldn’t do anything. The victory started the debut of the PH duo in Pendekar Esports 2-0.

Swordsman Esports played the tempo of the first game

A match with a slow tempo was shown in the first game of the Swordsman against RRQ Sena. Of course, many are curious about the performance of 3MarTzy and Rafflesia.

However, aware that their composition could only work in the mid game, the Warriors were in no rush to play. 3Mar was even hit by first blood which should have made it difficult for him to keep up with Yu Zhong.

The fact is not so, the macro game with such enchanting rotation is visible. Esports Warrior playing lane minion nicely.

Until finally when Karrie, Kadita, and Yu Zhong’s power spikes were at their maximum, their war became very strong because of the two petrify from Kadita and Yu Zhong, plus Franco with his Bloody Hunt.

Warrior Esports, MDL ID S7, MLBB, Mobile Legends
Credits: Warrior, ONE Esports

RRQ Sena was rendered helpless from the mid game and the Warriors took the first game perfectly.

Combo Selena-Chou issued by Warrior Esports

In the second game, Rafflesia proved that she could lead the team with quite classic hero options. Using Chou roamer and Selena midlaner, this time they dominate more.

Having Selena, Chou, and Benedetta who are pick-off heroes since the early game, they are very aggressive.

Best Selena Player, Selena roamer, MPL ID S9

Gameplay and rotation are much more convincing, especially after Fanny from Slowly can’t do much. He had been completely suppressed from the start.

The Swordsman’s chemistry is really beautiful. A proof that communication between players, even though they have different languages, is very fluent with each other. Swordsman started MDL ID S7 with a 2-0 win.

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