DG Esports Changes Name to Team Kagendra, Aims to Win in 2023 AOV and CODM Tournaments

Entering 2023, various esports The country is preparing to compete to become champions in various competitions and tournaments esports which will be held throughout the year. Starting from Arena of Valor (AOV), Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), PUBG Mobile, Free Fireand of course Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang (MLBB).

one of the team esports who are preparing and have aimed at winning at least two competitions esports is Kagendra. Two competitions that were Kagendra’s initial target to win this year were AOV and CODM. Kagendra was previously a team esports named Dunia Games Esports (DG Esports) which has been established since December 2017.

The target that Kagendra is pursuing is not an exaggeration considering that Kagendra is not a newcomer in the industry esports Homeland.

The name change was made because Kagendra has now become a new entity that has a stronger vision and mission to lead industrial development esports in Indonesia.

Kagendra was formed as a form of Telkomsel’s commitment through the Dunia Games business unit in supporting industrial progress esports and gaming in Indonesia in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

Vice PresidentDigital Lifestyle Telkomsel Nirwan Lesmana said, “The change of the name of the DG Esports Team to Kagendra and making it a separate entity is a form of Telkomsel’s commitment as society enabler that will continue to strengthen the ecosystem esports Indonesia through implementation events World Games championships, starting from the regional and national levels, to open up wider opportunities for all talents esports Homeland in optimizing its various potentials. Meanwhile, the Kagendra Team will become a forum for finding, recruiting, and developing talent esports to be the best in Indonesia.”

Head of Esports Kagendra, Dio Agung Wijanarko, explained, ”This year is the first year we introduce ourselves as Kagendra, an old player but with a new face to the public. Kagendra in particular is a team esports which will focus on an ongoing basis in empowering and developing capabilities as well skills talents esports Homeland. We will proactively become a home for talent esports talent to be an athlete esports professionals who can have a positive impact on the progress and development of the industry esports and gaming in Indonesia.”

The name Kagendra itself is taken from Sanskrit which means bird king. As the name implies, the Kagendra Logo is inspired by the Garuda Pancasila symbol which contains four main values, namely:

  • the glory represented through its golden color,
  • courage shown by the spread of its wings,
  • to virtue and truth which is shown by the direction of the head facing right.

Currently Kagendra has a number of teams divided into five divisions, among them AOV, CODM, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and MLBB, and is already home to 30 athletes esports Indonesia, some of which have succeeded in making Indonesia proud on the international stage.

One of them is Muhammad Fikri Alief Pratama (also known as DG. Reeva), is a Rajawali national team player who helped Indonesia win a silver medal at the 2021 Vietnam SEA Games in sports esports Free Fire.

Kagendra (formerly named DG Esports) has also won various prestigious achievements, including occupying:

  • 1st Place Major Series (Seasons 3,4 & 7) for CODM,
  • 7th Place CODM World Championshipas well as being
  • finalist for the Free Fire Asia Championship, Arena of Valor Premier League, and Arena of Valor International Championship competitions.

“With various preparations, strategic steps that have been determined earlier this year, and armed with the best talent, we are optimistic that Kagendra can become a team esports solid, compact, and able to achieve better positive scores than before. More than that, Kagendra is not a team esports solely focused on achieving achievements in every competition, but an entity that is committed to opening up wider opportunities for local talent to develop which will have a positive impact on the ecosystem esports and gaming Indonesia,” he concluded Nirvana.