Almost all teams have announced their rosters for MPL ID S11.

MPL ID S11 is the long-awaited new season. All teams are improving to be able to provide much better, moreover the tournament is predicted to be held in less than a month.

Most of the teams have also announced their respective rosters. Some have new compositions, some are still holding on to their old strength.

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Source: ONE Esports

Seeing that the Philippines is still victorious as the best MLBB country, as evidenced by ECHO winning M4, the MPL ID team should be even more motivated to grow to take over the seat in 2023.

MPL ID S11 is the first step to prove yourself. The following is a complete list of the MPL ID S11 participating teams’ rosters.

MPL ID S11 participant team roster


RRQ changes name, Mobile Legends, MLBB, RRQ Hoshi
Credit: Youtube/Team RRQ
  • Banana (EXP Laner)
  • Clay (midlaner)
  • Renbo (midlaner)
  • Lemon (All Roles)
  • Albertt (jungler)
  • Skylar (goldlaner)
  • Arcadia (coach)
  • Field (analyst)


Mobile Legends, MLBB, Aura Fire, MPL ID S11 Roster
Credit: Youtube/AuraTV
  • Facehugger (midlaner)
  • Godiva (roamers)
  • high (jungle)
  • Kabuki (goldlaner)
  • Caid (goldlaner)
  • Fluffy (EXP Laner)
  • Reza (coach)
  • CL (analyst)

Alter egos

Alter Ego, MPL ID S11, AE Psychoo, AE Nafari, MLBB, Mobile Legends
Credit: Alter Ego
  • Udil (midlaner)
  • Psychoo (roamer/midlaner)
  • Pie (Laner EXP)
  • Celiboy (jungler)
  • Kidsz (jungler)
  • Nino (goldlaner)
  • Rasy (roamer)
  • Raizel (goldlaner)
  • Caesius (coach)
  • Nafari (coach)
  • Arss (analyst)

Bigetron Alpha

Mobile Legends, MLBB, Bigetron Alpha Roster MPL ID S11
Credit: Youtube/Bigetron TV
  • Just Garr (jungler)
  • Maxx (jungle)
  • Kyy (roamer)
  • Xorizo ​​(EXP Laner)
  • VyrNoCure (EXP Laner)
  • Markyyyy (goldlaner)
  • Moreno (midlaner)
  • Gamora (midlaner)
  • Aldo (coach)
  • Razeboy (trainer)
  • PauloExpert (coach)

EVOS Legends

Mobile Legends, MLBB, Roster EVOS Legends MPL ID S11
Credit: ONE Esports
  • Branz (goldlaner)
  • Saykots (EXP Laner)
  • Dreams (roamers)
  • Tazz (jungle)
  • Hijumee (midlaner)
  • Ferxiic (jungler)
  • Pendragon (EXP Laner)
  • Dlar (EXP Laner)
  • Taxstump (trainer)
  • Ages (analyst)

Geek Slate

MPL ID S11, Geek Slate
  • Baloyskie (roamers)
  • Aboy (midlaner)
  • Caderaa (goldlaner)
  • Matt (goldlaner)
  • Luke (EXP Laner)
  • Janaqt (jungler)

Rebellion Zion

Rebellion Zion MPL ID S11
Credits: Rebellion Esports
  • Saep (EXP Laner)
  • Vincent (jungler)
  • Swaylow (midlaner)
  • Haiz (goldlaner)
  • Widjanarko (roamer)
  • Karss (goldlaner)
  • Chiko (coach)
  • Vivy (analyst)

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