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Who doesn’t like playing Magic Chess? When you get bored playing Mobile Legends, Magic Chess is also a popular alternative. Mini game auto battler made by Moonton has a lot of potential combos that players can explore. One of them is the presence of cute commanders like commander Tharz Magic Chess.

Full Profile Commander Magic Chess Tharz

Little commander Tharz is one little commander presented in games Magic Chess in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang since September 17 2021. Commander Magic Chess Tharz is one of them little commander the most used and dominate the game the most.

In terms of profile, little commander Tharz Magic Chess is described as demons cute who has a very greedy character so nicknamed Gourmand Demon.

Formally, commander Tharz is a character little commander the 17th presented in games Magic Chess Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Because of that greed, little commander This Tharz then has iconic quotes I’ll Devour Anything” or in the Indonesian language it can be interpreted that Tharz will devour everything.

Lots gamers Magic Chess decided to use little commander This Magic Chess Tharz because of assuming skills which is owned by Tharz is easier to use and can dominate the game, especially in the phase late game.

In this article we will review why little commander Magic Chess Tharz has been chosen by many gamers at the same time we will provide a variety pro tips for use little commander Magic Chess Tharz so you can immediately win the game in Magic Chess Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Choice Skins Little Commander Magic Chess Tharz

Currently character little commander Magic Chess Tharz comes with 2 options skins which can be used by the gamers. Skins default of character little commander Tharz in Magic Chess is Gourmand Demon.

Magic Chess Tharz
Source: Magic Chess United Facebook Account

Since it was first released, little commander This Magic Chess Tharz only has 2 skins. But the developer games, Moonton, seems to want para gamers buy immediately skins 2 of Tharz, that is Poltergeistnot only default skins from Tharz, Gourmand Demon.

This is indicated by bundling package which is often given by Moonton with a discount of up to 30% if players buy Tharz together skins both, Poltergeist.

Poltergeist Tharz
Source: Mobile Legends Wiki

For little skin commander The second Magic Chess Tharz, namely Poltergeist, actually only changes colors appearance from Tharz which was originally black with a little addition stripes red to blue with the addition of a little stripes yellow and orange.

kindly default Poltergeist skins from little commander This Tharz can be purchased by players for 269 diamonds whereas for default skins from little commander Tharz can be purchased for 24,000 battle points or 499 diamonds.

skills Commander Tharz

Such a wide variety of characters commander others in Magic Chess, little commander Tharz also has 3 skills which players can use while inside games.

According to his character who is a Gourmand Demon, third skills from little commander Magic Chess This Tharz really shows the greedy side of Tharz. Third skills owned (1 skills passive and 2 skills active) is skills who devoured some heroes and even shop to replace it with options heroes others have owned.

Third skills this is Devil’s Might, Gluttony, and Feast. Check out our review of the three skills it below!

Skill 1 Commander Tharz Magic Chess – Devil’s Might

By using skill 1 Devil’s Might this hers, character little commander Tharz in Magic Chess will devour some heroes with one star which will then be replaced with heroes one-star with the same quality or maybe even better than the devoured hero. On skills 1 Devil’s Might this is priority heroes The replacement that will be given in the next round is heroes which has been owned.

Actually skill 1 little commander Tharz – Devil’s Might this is skills passive. This means you don’t need to activate or do anything to get this effect.

Use skills 1 This tharz would be great for stacking heroes and speed up order heroes possessed becomes stronger. However skills this keeps you from getting heroes three stars, instead heroes two star you stack can be strengthened up to 16 times making it stronger than heroes real three stars.

for phase early game, skills 1 Devil’s Might from Tharz this will be very useful when combined with heroes in accordance with the combosyour. So that will speed up stack what you want to wake up Weakness of skills 1 Devil’s Might this is a system gacha or gifts heroes in a manner random. We will discuss this further in the section pro tips under. Stay tuned!

Skill 2 Commander Tharz Magic Chess – Gluttony

Use skills 2 from little commander Tharz in Magic Chess has an effect similar to skills 1 Devil’s Might. Tharz will devour heroes one star and give heroes same quality during the next round. This effect has cooldown up to 4 rounds.

Skill 3 Commanders Tharz Magic Chess – Feast

By using skills 3 of the Tharz, then little commander Tharz will devour shop heroes and in return will give three heroes in a row plus for free too.

This means players will no longer be able to buy heroes from shop but get heroes free from Tharz. This effect can be unlocked after little commander Magic Chess Tharz has reached level 7.

Pro Tips Use Commander Tharz MagicChess

Pro Tips #1 Using Tharz Magic Chess

Take advantage skills 1 passive from Tharz by stacking heroes Los Pecados in early game. Use heroes Los Pecados is like Aldous or Franco’s early game will allow you to collect more and more heroes priced at 4 to 5 gold before shop later it will disappear.

Pro Tips #2 Using Tharz Magic Chess

Make sure before starting the game, you already know combos what do you want to play if in early game you are already using Los Pecados, decide soon heroes what are you going to buy with gold that you have collected.

This is very vital because the focus of Tharz is to accumulate heroes. If you don’t know combos what are you going to use, then Tharz will be useless because heroes which is raised can not give combos which mean.

Pro Tips #3 Using Tharz Magic Chess

Combo best when using Tharz is Swordsmen or Cadia Riverlands. If you can’t get both of these synergies, you can also choose Mech Era or Mage if you really suck.

Determine immediately combos-mu at the start of the game. Don’t let Tharz reach level 7 and skills 3 already active you have not specified comboswhat are you like. This would be very dangerous as Tharz would become useless at late game.

Pro Tips #4 Using Tharz Magic Chess

Don’t worry if you lose at early game, just focus on piling up combo heroes and gold in early game. For early game besides using Los Pecados, you can also start searching heroes sort of Freya, Therizla, Wan Wanor Ling to add damage-you at the start and start building damage in phase midgame and late game.

Pro Tips # 5 Using Tharz Magic Chess

When entering phase midgame and late game, combo Tharz with Swordsman will deliver truedamage which is unbelievably large so it’s quite a pain when using it truedamage. Pursue victory in the phases midgame and late game if you use Tharz.

Pro Tips # 6 Using Tharz Magic Chess

Use skills 2 of Tharz to create hyper carry heroes which becomes cores from your game. Don’t worry if hyper carry heroes yours can’t reach three stars, focus on stack until get heroes with 16 times the power of a much stronger two star in comparison heroes three stars.

Pro Tips #7 Using Tharz Magic Chess

Don’t rush to use skills 2, prioritize some heroes first to be collected accordingly combos do you want. After that throw some heroes which you don’t need to strengthen combos-your.

Pro Tips #8 Using Tharz Magic Chess

The faster Tharz levels up, the more you benefit. For that focus on increasing the level of Tharz as soon as possible. Use heroes Los Pecados are early and starting to wake up hyper carry before reaching level 7.

That’s a review of how to use it commander Magic Chess Tharz. Make sure you already know the potential it has before deciding to buy commander Tharz this one.