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Back again to review ccommander MagicChess in-game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! If we have discussed before ccommander Ria Who has skills mainstay blessings, In this article, we will review one of them ccommander others who are also cute and have bugs which would be very cheating when used.

Note: Until this article was written, bugs from one commander cute in MagicChess it’s still there!

So for those who are curious, commander magic chess which we will discuss this time is commander Mavisone of commander which skills His 2 could activate bugs in some way where bug-is to make HP from commander MagicChess This Mavis can be full again.

Really can full again guys! So that you are not curious anymore, let’s discuss how to use it commander magic chess Mavis this. Check out the following article.

Profile Commander Magic Chess Mavis

Mavis-Magic Chess

Little commander Mavis is one of little commander that was presented at the outset games Magic Chess in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Character little commander This Magic Chess Mavis is a character commander the sixth in Magic Chess and was officially released on September 29, 2020. It’s been a while huh guys.

In terms of profile, little commander Mavis in Magic Chess is actually similar to heroes Cecilion or Alice. A number of player even argue that commander Mavis is actually a character little commander taken from both heroes the.

Character appearance little commander Mavis in Magic Chess is described as a sort of bat with reddish-purple eyes, plus one fang sticking out on the right side of her mouth.

Although depicted as a vampire bat figure, the appearance of the character commander MagicChess Mavis is still elegant and graceful. This description fits perfectly with the title he occupies as vampire countess.

In this article, we will review one of them bugs the most cheat in Magic Chess that you can get when using commander Mavis MagicChess.

Although arguably cheating, but bugs this is still being ignored by the developers, plus it really helps players win matches and of course it becomes annoying for your enemies when they find out you are using Mavis on the Magic Chess game board.

Oh yeah, same as little commander others, currently default character little commander Magic Chess Mavis can be purchased at a price 24,000 battle points or it can also be purchased at a price of 499 diamonds.

Skill Commander Mavis Magic Chess

Such a wide variety of characters commander others in Magic Chess, little commander Mavis also has 3 skills which players can use while inside games.

Specifically in this article, we will focus on discussing skills 2 of commander Mavis at Magic Chess, because at skills 2 here is the location bugs of character commander This Mavis is. To be able to effectively use skills In these 2, there are a number of things you should know, and of course we will review them specifically in this section pro tips in this article.

Third skills owned (2 skills passive and 1 skills active) is skills that gives effect regeneration The HP which at a glance was similar to the effect produced by commander Abe at Magic Chess.

The difference is for commander Mavis this regeneration the output is for HP whereas if it is on commander Abe in Magic Chess the resulting effect is regeneration shield or white blood on commander yours.

Third skills from commander Magic Chess Mavis that you can use is Gathering Strength, My Soldiers, Attack!, and the last is A Matter of Life or Death. Check out our review of the three skills it below!

Skill 1 Commander Mavis Magic Chess – Gathering Strength

Mavis-Magic Chess
Source: Mobile Legends Wikia

Skill 1 this is skills passive from Mavis. On skills 1 Mavis will regenerate her HP by 5 HP every time she wins a round in a match.

It is also very possible to continue doing stacking which means that every round you can continuously regenerate HP if you win, without worrying about time cooldown owned by commander Mavis.

Skill 2 Commander Mavis Magic Chess – My Soldiers, Attack!

Mavis Skill 2
Source: Mobile Legends Wikia

Use skills 2 from little commander Mavis at Magic Chess is not half-hearted. Without bugs even when skills 2 is enabled, then commander Mavis will regenerate 90% of her HP from damage which he received.

So it’s getting bigger damage received by commander mu, the greater the amount of HP regenerated. Well, there is bugs in skills These 2 allow you to regenerate HP commander Mavis direct full without further ado, as long as you use a combination of synergies Venoms with effect Smog.

Skill 3 Commanders Mavis Magic Chess – A Matter of Life or Death

Mavis Skill 3
Source: Mobile Legends Wikia

It can be said that, skills 3 of Mavis this is ultimate skills it has. By using skills 3 from this Mavis, every time commander belonging to other players has been eliminated, you will regenerate 5 HP which you can increase up to 25 HP if you manage to eliminate yourself commander the.

This effect does not have cooldown so anytime commander the opponent is eliminated, then your HP will automatically be regenerated.

Pro Tips Use Commander Magic Chess Mavis

Mavis Smog
Source: Mas Heleh’s Youtube Account

Pro Tips #1 Using Mavis Magic Chess

For commander Mavis, if you want to take advantage bugs on skills 2 then you can freely choose various synergies in early game. Actually Mavis is one commander the most flexible for p synergy. You can use any synergy to early game.

Pro Tips #2 Using Mavis Magic Chess

Although included commander the most flexible about synergy, but don’t forget to use synergy Cadia Riverlands, or Archers because you could say that for now these two synergies have the greatest potential to win the match.

Especially if you can get heroes Wan Wan, Chang’e, or Hanabi then your chances of continuing to win matches since early game bigger.

Pro Tips #3 Using Mavis Magic Chess

Just remember to take advantage skill bugs 2 from Mavis. bugs it will activate if you gain synergy Venoms. For that you can also focus on collecting gold by wearing heroes from synergy Los Pecadosfor then you use to buy heroes from synergy Venom.

Pro Tips #4 Using Mavis Magic Chess

If heroes synergy Venom yours has reached two stars, then you can use it to choose what effect you want to use. Remember to use blessings Smogno toxins. bugs skills 2 will only be active if you combine it with blessings Smog.

Pro Tips #5 Using Mavis Magic Chess

Don’t rush to use skills 2 from Mavis. Because Mavis is commander with a fairly thin HP, so you can say it will run out quickly, but two skills passive is still very likely to make you survive in the early days.

Skills 2 Mavis has cooldown around 5 rounds, so use it if your HP is really critical. Use it if your HP has reached 4 or 5.

That’s a little review on how to use it commander MagicChess Mavis. Make sure you already know the potential it has before deciding to buy commander this one vampire lord.