Commander Saki Magic Chess

In arcade mode Mobile Legendsthere is a strategy genre game called MagicChess. In this game, para players required to strategize the game like a real chess game. One element of the strategy lies in the presence of a “heroes“little or known as little commander. In this article, we will discuss one of the characters, that is commander saki MagicChess.

Previously, llittle commander is a kind of mini character located outside chess board and have skills which will determine the course of the match that you do.

Each commander it has skills different too. You can choose little commander depending on the various kinds of considerations that you use.

Well, if you wish little commander which can give you an effect blessings complete from blessings in the form of HP regeneration, protection against damage by using shield, up to deliver stun or effect paralyze to the enemy, then you obviously have to choose little commander Magic Chess Saki as part of your strategy.

Character little commander saki MagicChess it has the uniqueness of presenting a floral effect on chess board-mu where each flower has its own special effect.

Saki will make line up your strategy can be very powerful, and Saki is perfect for fighting Synergy Mage. In this article, we will review little commander Saki and tips for auto win which you can use.

So you can see the following article, OK?

Profile Commander Magic Chess Saki

saki is one of the little commander presented in games MagicChess since March 16, 2021. With that historical recap, Saki is little commander which ranks fourteenth in the game Magic Chess.

Saki has a similar appearance to Kagura, especially if Kagura uses it skins Water Lily it has. Nickname of little commander This saki is Flora Butterflyor in Indonesian it can be interpreted as a flowering plant butterfly.

Indeed, in appearance Saki is described as having butterfly wings and holding a large flower stalk as her umbrella, just like her skins Water Lily owned by Kagura.

Source: Facebook (Mobile Legends Indonesia)

Oh yeah, same as little commander others, currently default character little commander Magic Chess You can buy this saki by paying a price of 24,000 battle points or it can also be purchased at a price of 499 diamonds.

Source: Youtube (Mobile Legends Bang Bang Official)

Skill Commander saki MagicChess

As little commander who is described as some sort of flower fairy or butterfly who likes flowering plants, Saki has three skills closely related to flowering plants. Three skills from Saki gives rise to flowers with different effects.

From the third skills owned, little commander Saki is one of them commander which is quite unique. This is because of Saki do not have skills active. aliases, third skills owned by Saki is skills passive. This means, third skills from Saki do not have time cooldown so that can be used throughout the round.

Third skills from commander The Magic Chess Saki that you can use here are:

  • Stagnation Flowers (passive),
  • Retribution Flowers (passive), and
  • Blessing Flowers (passive).

Check out our review of the three skills below, guys!

Skill 1 Commander saki MagicChessStagnation Flower

As previously explained, third skills of Saki is skills passive which will issue flowers with different effects. Well, on skills the first that this Saki has, the interest that will be issued is stagnation flower.

This flower will last on chess board for a few moments. This flower cannot perform attacks, but has immunity to skill damage.

Now the main effect of this flower is when this flower dies, the flower petals will fall and hit heroes opponent, every heroes which is exposed to the petals of stagnation flower it will take effect paralyze for 5 seconds. No half-hearted! Effect paralyze its straight 5 seconds, auto win heck this!

Skill 2 Commander saki MagicChessRetribution Flower

For skills second of this Saki, he will summon retribution flower, namely flowers that give effect in the form of a counterattack against the enemy. If heroes opponent attacks using damage skillsthen 12% of the HP owned will be returned in the form magic damage.

Same as stagnation flower, basically retribution flower It cannot attack, but will deal a counter attack. Flower retribution flower it will last until it gets 5 hits, and then it will die.

Skill 3 Commanders saki MagicChessBlessing Flowers

Well, on skills third of this Saki, he will do summoning named flower blessing flower in chess board. This flower will provide a defensive effect in the form of shields which is equivalent to 25% of the maximum HP of each heroes.

This effect will appear after 12 seconds of the match running. Same as retribution flower nor stagnation flower, blessing flower this too immune to skill damage, but will die after getting 5 times the attack.

Pro Tips Use Commander saki

Pro Tips #1 Using Saki MagicChess

Saki is little commander which is very useful especially for boosting shields and HP from line up the heroes you have. You must consider skills which one will you use.

If you predict you will fight the enemy with line up form heroes with attack speed high, then you can choose skills 1. Meanwhile, if you estimate that you will fight the enemy with line up Magethen you can choose retribution flower.

Lastly, if you want to use line up who can do counters to heroes with damage large, then you can choose skills 3.

Pro Tips #2 Using Saki MagicChess

Stagnation Flowers best suited to be placed in the front row chess board. This will hinder attack speed from heroes opponent.

Obviously when stagnation flower you put in the forefront, stagnation flower will be the target of heroes opponent, and if it dies it will have an effect paralyze. But you can also put stagnation flower in the back row to counter a sneak attack from the back row launched by hero assassins.

Skill 1 form stagnation flower this is perfect for you to combine with Archers or Gunners who will exploit attack speed much less opponents.

Pro Tips #3 Using Saki Magic Chess

Well for retribution flower itself is very suitable to be used for synergy Cadia Riverlands and Swordsmen. Try to put it down retribution flower this is in the most hidden location and not easily reached by the opponent’s attack.

This is because it’s getting longer retribution flower survive, then you will benefit even more. So you really have to pay attention to placement retribution flower.

Pro Tips #4 Using Saki MagicChess

For blessing flower this, take advantage of the effect by using heroes which have max HP large enough. So blessing flower it is very suitable for use with Synergy Guardiannor Nature Spirits.

If you use Guardianobviously you will get shields Very large. But if you use Nature Spiritsthen effect blessings from Saki will make you continuously regenerate HP and provide damage evenly.

Pro Tips #5 Using Saki MagicChess

Focus on upgrading stars heroes yours first. Don’t focus too much on shaping synergy first. This is because the effects of Saki don’t really depend on synergy. Otherwise the effect of Saki will depend heavily on the star from heroes what you have. For that, focus on increasing the stars first.

That’s a little review on how to use it commander MagicChess saki. Make sure you already know the potential it has before deciding to buy commander this butterfly looks like Kagura!